Elimination and Cleansing

Mary Kurus

Our world is also filled with parasites, worms and viruses. Just look at the deep physical social and economic havoc currently created by the COVID-19 virus. But much of the food we eat, the water we drink, has many parasites, worms and viruses. Mary has developed a Detoxification Program to eliminate these parasites, worms and viruses living within you. These invaders cannot live in a high healthy vibration. When your organs and systems are at a low vibration, they come in and stay. They have serious effects at every level creating fatigue and often serious chronic illnesses.

Mary makes Choming Essences from trees, flowers, plants, gems and crystals. As you take these essences daily they increase the vibration of your organs and systems and the parasites, worms and viruses are slowly killed off. Mary also makes Choming Tinctures from organic trees, herbs and plants. These are made energetically to work with Choming Essences. The detox program also releases the chemicals and metals held in your systems.

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