Energy Clearing, Energy Healing and Detoxification

Mary Kurus

is a Canadian living in Ottawa, Ontario. She was born and grew up in Toronto, Ontario a large multi-cultural Canadian city. Her parents were immigrants from Poland, who were gifted with many metaphysical talents. Eastern Europeans are well known for their metaphysical talents and Mary was exposed to these in the Polish community in Toronto. Mary was born with many gifts to do many types of energy clearings, healings, physical detoxifications, and to make products that promote healing in all people including children, and animals and the environment.

Mary is comfortable assisting people from all cultures. She worked for 25 years as a Development Officer, developing projects with third world countries throughout Asia and the Americas. She learned about many different healing modalities through her travels including Pranic Healing in India, Shamanic Healing in Nepal and the United States, Kabbalistic Healing in the US, and various types of Energy Healing in Thailand and the Philippines.

Over the years Mary has studied with many different types of Energy Workers. This includes Jason Shulman, a psychic Kabbalistic healer, Hanna Kroeger, a famous German herbalist, homeopathist and energy worker, and Eileen Nauman, an American native Shaman. She has studied anatomy and physiology. And she is a voracious reader.

Mary is an Energy Worker, an intuitive and distance dowser, dedicated to helping people realize vibrant energy and health. Mary can work with the energy of anyone anywhere in the world. Only your full name with middle names, your date of birth, and your home address is required. She has been doing distance energy work for the past 25 years. She works in another dimension when doing any types of energy work.

Mary Kurus

is passionate about helping people achieve vibrant and energetic health.

Through 25+ years of working with others she has developed special methodologies that help people who have been rejected by the medical profession. She works with people who can barely get out of bed, she works with children of all ages, she even makes Choming Essences for all pets.

We live in a world filled with many types of negative energies that affect us at a physical, emotional and energetic level. People are exposed to many negative energies, psychic attacks, negative entities, negative spirits, and various forms of programs which need to be cleared. Negative energy transfers between people, places and things. A clearing completed by Mary includes clearing you, your home, your personal belongings and your car. Once a clearing is completed she does a general energy healing of your auras, chakras and meridian system to address energetic damage done by negative energies and beings.

Our world is also filled with parasites, worms and viruses. Just look at the deep physical social and economic havoc currently created by the COVID-19 virus. But much of the food we eat, the water we drink, has many parasites, worms and viruses. Mary has developed a Detoxification Program to eliminate these parasites, worms and viruses living within you. These invaders cannot live in a high healthy vibration. When your organs and systems are at a low vibration, they come in and stay. They have serious effects at every level creating fatigue and often serious chronic illnesses.

Mary makes Choming Essences from trees, flowers, plants, gems and crystals. As you take these essences daily they increase the vibration of your organs and systems and the parasites, worms and viruses are slowly killed off. Mary also makes Choming Tinctures from organic trees, herbs and plants. These are made energetically to work with Choming Essences. The detox program also releases the chemicals and metals held in your systems.

Mary also makes Choming Essences and Tinctures, Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline Aura Clearing Concentrates, and Choming Energy Oils. You can find more information about these items under Products.