A Vibrational Assessment

You will be provided with a 15 plus page report on the physical, energetic, and emotional elements that are affecting your energy and health. This includes the identification of digestive food sensitivities for more than 35 different foods as well as the status of the vibrations of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This report also includes a recommended program with Choming Essences and Tinctures to support your journey towards vibrant health.

$230.00 US

Choming Essences and Tinctures

The strength of the vibration is made to work with your current rate of vibration, your weight, and your personal vital force. Each bottle is made by hand and is fully personalized to you.

$38.00 US

1.7 ounce bottle of Choming Essence or a Choming Tincture

Negative Energy Clearings

This includes a distance clearing of entities, spirits, negative connections, negative rays, etheric markings on your body and auras and home. It includes an energy healing of your auras and chakra systems. Once that is completed, a great deal of protection and shielding is given to you and your home.

There are additional costs for additional requirements. Costs will be discussed on a case by case basis.

$195.00 US

Choming Negative Energy Spray Concentrates

The cost of a 1.7 ounce bottle of a homing Black Obsidian or Black Tourmaline, Spray Concentrate costs $43.00 US.

$43.00 US

Vibrational Assessment Updates

An update of a complete Vibrational Assessment is $95.00 US. This provides you with an update of the original Vibrational Assessment and gives you detailed information on the progress you are making on physical, energetic, and emotional elements.

$95.00 US

Choming Vibrational Healing Oils

The cost of a 1.7 ounce bottle of a Choming Vibrational Healing Oil is $43.00 US.

$43.00 US

Mailing Charges

There are additional mailing charges to the costs quoted above. Parcels are normally mailed to the US by XPRESSPOST which normally takes 4-5 days to arrive at the mailing address. Air Mail delivery is available but it normally takes 7 working days for shipping though the United States.

To Contact Mary Kurus

You can reach Mary Kurus by e-mail at

[email protected].

Payment can be made on PayPal using the identifiers of Mary Kurus or [email protected].