Mary Buchowski-Kurus is a Canadian Energy Worker, dedicated to helping people realize vibrant energy and health. She is able to connect with anyone’s energy, and can read the energy signature of anyone, anywhere in the world.

She conducts two special pieces of energy work for people in the USA, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, wherever.

She performs Negative Energy Clearings and Healings for people around the world.  People can be exposed to so many negative energies, entities, spirits, and various forms of psychic attacks and programs which need to be cleared and whose homes  need to be cleared also.  Once the energy clearing is completed for you and your home, Mary then does a deep energy healing of your auras, your extended energy field, your chakras, and all of your energy systems.   You can get a lot of information about negative energies in her article “Psychic Attacks - Understanding Them and Protecting Yourself”. 

She conducts Detoxification Programs with Choming Essences and Tinctures that she makes specifically with the intent of detoxification.  The first step in undertaking a detoxification program is to have a Vibrational Assessment.  This report provides you with accurate readings of your inner vibrations, readings on the vibrations of parasites, worms, viruses, food sensitivities, fungus and mould, negative energies, underactive or overactive chakras, many emotional states, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies, it is sent to you by email.  Detoxifying with Choming Essences and Tinctures  is the deepest detoxification that anyone can undertake.  You get recommendations for the first 6 weeks of detoxification in the Vibrational Assessment Report.

Mary also makes Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline Concentrates, Choming Energy Oils, and Choming Tinctures from fresh herbs and trees.  You can find more information about these items on her website.

Choming Flower Essences, Tree Essences and Gem Essences help to raise your vibrations, and parasites etc. cannot live in a high vibration.  They cleanse toxins from your physical body, your auras, chakras and meridian system, and rejuvenate your physical and energetic bodies.  Vibration penetrates more deeply than any other type of detoxification.  Choming Essences touch your soul for shifts in consciousness and awareness and deep emotional and intellectual healing.

Read the Testimonials to see what some people are saying about their healing journey when working with Mary Buchowski-Kurus.

Prices for a Vibrational Assessment and Negative Energy Clearings and Healings, Coming Essences, Choming Oils etc. can be found under “Ordering Information”.



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Thought For The Day


Suffering is an integral part of being human.  We become more joyful when we accept this concept instead of being angry with it.  Life is unfair, painful, confusing, and very short.

Essence of The Day

Black-Eyed Susan Flower Essence

A Super-Healer

This essence is an essence that works at a number of levels, physical, emotional, and is a major stress releaser; it helps to bring your emotions to the surface so that you can see, feel and experience and release them; it gives you a deeper consciousness and understanding of your hurts and anger; it's a powerful healer for the liver and the entire digestive system, the endocrine system, and the nervous system; it helps eliminate all parasites, worms, viruses, infectious bacteria, fungus, mould and their spores and roots; it detoxifies at a deep cellular level helping to release chemical, metal, atomic, and other poisons; it give high energy.