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Dear Mary - I would like to express my gratitude for helping me in my healing process and allowing me to move forward in life by removing external energetic hurdles.

It was an amazing experience and to have no fear and to get my confidence back is indeed nothing short of a miracle. I was very sad when I read linked to complaints raised against you. I felt hurt about how ungrateful people can be but in my prayer I decided to forgive them and move on. They are not yet ready in their life path to receive gifts from the divine. Its not even 24 hours and I am so positive in my outlook and so many positive things are happening already - for example I am receiving so many options for my job and financial resolutions.

I am grateful to God for connecting me to you. AS it is said, God works through people in your life and I think he worked through you for me. As an expression of my gratitude I have written a first draft of my experience on you and my experience especially addressed to your sceptics and you. Please read through and advise me - I will need to move forward with healings for my wife and 2 daughters in the next phase and I will let you know. Also about Choming Essences. Please advise about my testimonial whether you are ok with it.


EJ Mathews

Just wanted to share my experiance with Mary...

First of all i just want to thank you ...for bringing peace and love in me and my home...

Hi Mary, 

I just wanted to express my deep, heartfelt gratitude at the Negative Energy Clearing you have done for me.  I feel like a new woman - I feel calm, clear, full of love and light and deeply grounded, grateful and protected.  

I am proud to testify that Mary Kurus is authentic and highly skilled in the work she does.

Mary is truly a kind and loving individual who will take time to talk to you personally. I will be forever grateful to her for unraveling my complex health.

"...I know that I feel very different today, more assertive, less fearful, and more present. I am very happy to be taking Mary’s essences."

"Thank you Mary for helping me through a dark time to greater emotional and physical wellness."

"Mary was able to pinpoint vibrationally where and why I was having problems using a very indepth vibrational assessment.

 "I highly recommend the Choming Natural Essences."

Moonstone Jewellery, Whistler. B.C.; "I am feeling well enough now to start my jewellery creations again. But today was the first day I have been able to focus on my creative skill. Thank you again for all you have done!"

"I said to my wife Elspeth, do you remember when I was about 45 and I said I felt like 70? Well now I am 70 and I feel like 45."

I have been taking Mary Kurus' essences for one month at the time of writing. Before even starting the essences I was amazed how your assessment supported and confirmed other health reports I had in the last two years, both alternative and traditional.


"My children aged 4 and 8, and I having been taking Mary Kurus' Choming Essences since November 1999 and they have been absolutely amazing. They feel and work like divine magic." 

"I have worked with Mary Kurus and taken her essences for several months. I am very impressed with Mary's skill with her assessments."

Mary offered to do my Vibrational Assessment to see what came out of it. I was amazed by the thoroughness of the Assessment.

"...I had more effective and faster results with Mary Kurus.  I highly recommend her as a healer and I trust her abilities completely." 

"I’m afraid to think of where my health would be today without Mary’s help.  She is one of the kindest, most loving, and giving persons I have ever met."

"Negative entities and psychic attacks are thought of by most people as “all in the mind” but for the individual who is experiencing these things, they are real."