I use the Meditation for Compassion when I find that I am less tolerant of others, when someone has hurt me or irritated me, when I am angry or resentful, when the turmoil in our world is leaving me worried and troubled.  These negative emotions drain your energy and a meditation for compassion will energize you to enjoy life more fully.

How to Ground Yourself – A first Step in Any Meditation

 “Grounded” is simply a word that describes the connection of your physical and energy bodies i.e. your auras.  You become ungrounded when your auras shift away from your physical body.  We do this unconsciously when we want to stop feeling uncomfortable emotions.  We need to be grounded to reap maximum benefits from any meditation.

The exercise of grounding helps you to remain anchored in this dimension as you move through other dimensions in this meditation.  It also tends to strengthen your root chakra, thus strengthening you physically. 

 To ground yourself, close your eyes, breathe gently and deeply.  Imagine that there is a strong energy that flows up and down your spine, and then down through both legs.  Stay with this energy as it moves up and down your spine and legs – it’s a powerful energy.  Then imagine that this energy lengthens so that it continues to run up and down your spine and legs, but at the same time that it runs deeply into the ground, and by deeply I mean for miles and miles into the earth.  Stay with this energy as it flows through your spine and legs and lengthens into the earth.  After a few minutes you should be well grounded to begin this meditation. 

 The Meditation of Compassion: 

 Once you feel grounded, and in the present moment take the following steps:

  •  Sit in a comfortable position
  • Decide on your focus for this meditation, on the person or situation requiring deeper compassion, and create a very clear image in your mind of the person or situation
  • Slow your breathing and allow your body to relax
  • Focus on your breathing, inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly, breathing deeply from your diaphragm and continue doing this until the noises in your mind subside
  • Then imagine you are breathing in slowly through your heart chakra, which is at your heart, a slow and deep breath
  • Then exhale through your crown chakra, exhaling slowly with love and compassion, and sending this loving and compassionate energy to the person, or situation requiring compasion
  • Do this meditation for as long as you are comfortable.

 The Benefits of This Meditation: 

 The following are just a few benefits of this meditation:  

  • your capacity for compassion will be strengthen for yourself and for others
  • you will feel more connected with others 
  • you will feel physically stronger, more courageous and peaceful;
  • your sense of helplessness will recede
  • you will feel more rested and renewed;
  • your ability to release anger and resentment will be enhanced;
  • your sense of fragmentation will lessen, you will feel more integrated with yourself.


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