Why Eat Healthy?

Do you want to go through life feeling tired, needing a nap after you've eaten, overweight, bloated and overfull, nauseous, with intestinal gas, cramps or pains in your stomach, belching after you've eaten, with heartburn, constipation, foul stools, dull and slow thinking, depressed, highly emotional, and so forth? If not then it's time to take a good look at what you're eating and not eating, how you're combining what you're eating and what you are drinking. In so many ways we are deeply affected on many levels by what we eat. What we eat can make the difference between really enjoying a day or dragging ourselves through a day without any sense of joy or fun.

What we eat affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It's not easy to have a loving and caring attitude when feeling fatigued, bloated, buzzing around from a sugar high, or just feeling rather down and ill and not knowing why.

Why Foods Affect Us Now That Never Bothered Us Before:

In my Vibrational Healing practice, I have found that the majority of people who come to me have over the years become infected with a variety of invaders that can include parasites, candida overgrowth, mould, infectious bacteria, viruses, chemical and metal poisons and many other foreign toxins in their bodies. To learn more about how to rid yourself of these invaders, please read all about a Vibrational Assessment and Choming Essences at www.mkprojects.com.

One of the major effects of these invaders is a high degree of difficulty in digesting many foods. Some practitioners call these food sensitivities, others call it a leaky gut syndrome, I call it digestive food sensitivities. All it means is that when you eat certain foods you will experience many types of symptoms including the need to sleep, fatigue, intestinal gas, cramps etc. These symptoms are indicative that you are having difficulty in digesting certain foods.

Do Foods Have the Same Nutritional Value Today?

I personally do not believe that the meat, vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, dairy products etc., have the same nutritional value as the food we ate twenty or even ten years ago. Farming today is highly technical and is based on chemical fertilizers to maximize yield and profit. This means that the soil is not worked in a manner that keeps it rich and full of nutrients.

In organic food farming or traditional farming practices, the soil maintains its richness in nutrients and minerals through the rotation of crops, and other farming practices that allow the soil to regenerate and re-mineralize itself. This maintains the nutritional content of the soil.

When two, three or four crops are grown with chemical fertilizers, the soil loses its balance and overall nutrition, and the foods grown in that soil cannot provide people with the nutritional value they need to stay healthy. The fooler is that the food looks so pretty, shiny, healthy and good. So often it is tasteless, and more important, it's lacking in the minerals and nutrients we need to stay healthy.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Because the food being eaten today is so often lacking in the minerals and vitamins required for vibrant health, I strongly recommend that everyone take vitamin and mineral supplements on a daily basis. Minerals need to be chelated or citrate, a treatment that ensures they are easily absorbed directly into the blood stream rather than being flushed out with body fluids.

Major studies have been conducted that link many mental illnesses to mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Some of the results from supplementation are quite promising. This only reinforces the need to carefully review the need for daily supplementation of vitamins and minerals.

Please go to a reputable health food store to purchase your vitamin and mineral supplements. The quality of vitamins is very important and quality varies greatly between different brands. Ask about the absorption of the vitamins and minerals. Different treatments can make a big difference in the body's ability to absorb the supplement. For example, minerals that are chelated or citrate go directly into the blood stream and are absorbed more easily. Vitamin C buffered with bioflavonoids, is absorbed more easily by the body.

Techniques such as dowsing with a pendulum or muscle testing can easily identify if you are deficient in minerals and vitamins as well as the daily amounts of supplements you need to take.

Magnesium: I'd like to make a special note regarding this mineral. A number of studies have been conducted that have come to similar conclusions that much depression being experienced today is the direct cause of a magnesium deficiency. The results of these studies can be found on the Internet. If you tend to suffer from depression, have a dowser or kinesiologist check you for magnesium deficiency and have them identify the amount you need to take on a daily basis. It's important to ensure you are taking the right amount and that it is chelated or citrate. There are many causes of depression, but a magnesium deficiency is one major cause that needs to be considered.

Sugar Consumption Has Serious Effects on Your Health:

The books "The Sugar Blues" by William Duffy and "Get the Sugar Out: 501 Simple ways to Cut the Sugar in Any Diet" by Ann Louise Gittleman describe in detail the effects sugar can have on your physical, intellectual and emotional well being.

So many of our everyday foods contain substantial amounts of sugar. Just look at the content of all soft drinks, ketchup, ice cream, donuts, cakes, cookies, alcoholic beverages, chocolate, etc. Most North Americans eat a lot of sugar each day. It has been stated by many that many North Americans and Europeans have now developed a strong addiction to sweetness.

The food we eat today is shipped all over the world and is often quite old by the time we purchase it in the store. When food gets old the natural sugar in the food turns to starch and the food then looses its good taste. We then add sugar to give this food the flavor it would have had if we had been able to eat it when it was fresh.

The more sugar you eat the more you need to eat to taste the same level of sweetness. Just be highly aware the next time you eat ice cream. Notice how sweet that first spoon or two tastes. Then notice how the subsequent spoons just don't have the same level of taste or sweetness, as if your taste buds have become numb to the taste of the sugar. The more sugar you eat, the more you need to eat to keep tasting the sweetness. That is part of the addiction of sugar. The increased energy boost is another part of the addiction of sugar. The increase in short-term energy leads to a real let down, increased fatigue, and depression in the medium and long term.

Healthy eating means eliminating foods that are made with refined white and brown sugar from your diet. We do need sweet treats occasionally. Desserts made with maple syrup or honey, both natural products, can easily satisfy that craving for sweetness without setting up the addiction for sweetness.

Sugar Cravings

It seems the more sugar you eat the more sugar you seem to need to eat. Developing a taste for sugar can lead to frequently craving more and more sweet foods and drinks.

Sugar cravings can also be a symptom for parasite and worm infestation as well as candida overgrowth. These types of invaders feed on sugar and actually set up a craving that demands satisfaction. And the cravings they set up are very very strong.

A client recently told me the following story. For the past thirty odd years she has indulged what she called was her "sweet tooth" and had to have at least two or three chocolate bars and other sweets every day. Her office drawer and her refrigerator always contained chocolate bars. After two months on an elimination and detoxification program with Choming Essences to eliminate her parasites, worms and candida overgrowth, (for information and articles see www.mkprojects.com ) she completely lost her craving for sweets. She is absolutely shocked to realize that her cravings were not emotionally based, a sign of weak character, or a lack of self-discipline.

We judge ourselves so harshly at times when we indulge this "sweet tooth". A deficiency in Vitamin C or other vitamins can be the cause of a craving for sugar. A craving for sugar can be caused by emotional factors, addictive behavior, difficulties with insulin, and many other causes. Sometimes the cause is parasites, worms, candida overgrowth, or certain vitamin deficiencies. It's important to slowly identify the cause of your cravings so you can deal with whatever is causing you to eat sugar on a daily basis.

Potential Disorders Linked to Sugar

Sugar today is implicated in many physical, mental and emotional disorders including hyperactivity in children and adults, increased aggression and violence, depression, inability to think clearly and concentrate, increased blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, nutrient deficiency, heart disease, cancer, many serious illnesses and conditions.

Candida Overgrowth and Healthy Eating:

Many good books have been written on the special diets that you must follow in support of eliminating a candida fungus overgrowth. It often includes the elimination of wheat products, all yeast products, and all sugars, all fruits, both fresh and canned and frozen. The reason these need to be eliminated is because these foods feed the candida fungus helping it grow and become deeper and stronger. All fungus has roots and candida overgrowth also puts down roots. These foods will feed these roots as well as the fungus itself. So if you have candida overgrowth, healthy eating means eliminating many foods from your diet.

Parasites, Viruses, Infectious Bacteria and Health Eating:

All invaders are fed by basically the same foods that feed candida overgrowth. And so that means eliminating these foods groups while the invaders are being eliminated. Most individuals who have these invaders are found to have a lot of difficulty digesting wheat products, most dairy products, foods made with yeast or any fermentation process, fresh and canned and frozen fruits, and the majority of sugar products, especially anything made with white or brown refined sugars. The elimination of these foods requires major dietary changes that are normally implemented slowly and gradually. This is a drastic change in eating and overall living.

Digestive Food Sensitivity to Wheat and Dairy Products:

Many individuals today have developed a strong digestive sensitivity to wheat and dairy products and are unable to digest these foods easily anymore. There appear to be a number of reasons for these digestive sensitivities but the causes are not yet totally clear.

One of the major factors is the presence of parasites, worms, infectious bacteria and candida overgrowths in so many people today. These invaders dump many toxins into the body and blood stream daily. This affects all organs and systems as well as the chemical makeup within the body.

To feel healthy you need to know whether you are digestively sensitive to wheat products or dairy products. If you are sensitive and cannot digest these foods easily you need to eliminate them from your diet. A few of the key symptoms to watch out for are: needing to sleep after you have eaten; heartburn; many types of intestinal problems; spitting up mucous after eating; mental dullness; poor memory; wide swings in emotions; regular constipation.

Someone experienced in using a pendulum or who does muscle testing can let you know quite easily. If you do read positive it's important to eliminate these foods from your diets. A Vibrational Assessment ( www.mkprojects.com) will tell you if you have difficulty digesting major groups of food.

Health Shops today offer many alternatives. You can purchase pasta that is made from brown rice or other grains. This pasta tastes the same as pasta made from wheat and comes as spaghetti or in many novelty pasta shapes. Breads, crackers, cookies, and many other foods are made from other flours, e.g. spelt flour, as a replacement for bread or pasta made from wheat.

Many alternatives exist for dairy products. You can purchase goat milk, goat cheese, and other dairy type of products made from soy beans. These will help you fill the voids in your diet when you remove foods you can no longer digest.

Protein Deficiency:

One of the readings I provide as part of a Vibrational Assessment is to identify if a protein deficiency exists. Many people today are deficient in protein, even when these individuals eat meat on a daily basis. It's difficult to fully understand the cause of this deficiency. Perhaps the protein from animals is not the same as it was many years ago.

Another cause of protein deficiency is the difficulty many individuals experience in not being able to absorb protein as well as other nutrients into their systems. This absorptive problem is often caused by toxins in the system which eventually block the absorptive capacity. Absorptive difficulties can be resolved through thorough detoxification and cleansing and rebalancing of systems.

I strongly suggest that everyone begin their day with a protein drink, either soy based or rice based. I find the vanilla flavors to be the best but a variety of choices are available in most health food stores. After two or three months the deficiency in protein tends to disappear with this type of supplementation. A healthy protein level supports improved physical strength and subsequent emotional and mental strength.

Salt and Salt Cravings:

Salt is a chemical compound that circulates in the blood and tissue fluids of humans and animals. We all need a good balance of sodium in our bodies. But it's important to consume the right type of salt and to understand the difference in various types of salt.

Natural salt that is harvested properly contains more than 80 minerals, trace minerals and nutrients that are essential to healthy and vibrant health. Refined white salt is processed and the majority of minerals are processed out of the white iodized table salt that most people use today. Many of the sea salts being sold today are refined, have lost most of their mineral and nutrient values through the processing, and have relatively little value, the same as refined white salt.

Magnificent sea salts rich in natural minerals and nutrients can be purchased from a small company in British Columbia called Celtic Sea Salts. They can be reached toll free at 877-477-5123. The salt they provide is gray in color and has such a rich salt taste, so different from other sea salts. This salt contains the natural mineral, trace minerals and nutrients of natural salt.

If you have a craving for salt, take time to be tested for mineral deficiencies since a salt craving can be one of the indicators of mineral deficiencies. Salt cravings are also associated with low energy, the inability to taste food properly, PMS, adrenal exhaustion, and diabetes. If you constantly crave food you need to investigate all possible causes. However, a major cause that often is overlooked is mineral deficiencies.

Food Combining:

Since the 1930's the linkage between health and eating different combinations of types of food has been discussed and argued. There are those who dismiss it and say it doesn't matter what you eat and combine during a meal, that all combinations are equally good. Others strongly believe that since different foods require different digestive processes and enzymes, that large stresses are placed on digestive systems when we combine certain types of foods. I agree with this latter group that only certain foods should be eaten at the same time. The following is a summary of key foods in major groupings of foods for health combining.

Starchy Foods

Low Starch Veggies

High Protein Foods











brussel sprouts










all meats






green beans






leafy greens

dairy products












Low starch foods can be easily digested with either high starch vegetables or high protein foods. However high starch foods should not be eaten with high protein foods. This means that meat should not be eaten with potatoes or fish should not be eaten with rice.

Fruits should be eaten as a separate meal, without foods from the other food groups, or at least one and a half hour before or after a meal is completed. They should not be eaten with high starch foods or with high protein foods.

Organically Grown Foods

Whenever possible, eat organic foods including all types of meat, fish, grain products, vegetables, pastas, beans, dairy products, whatever is possible in fresh, canned and frozen foods. Organic foods are not full of chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers but are grown in soil rich with minerals and nutrients. This helps to keep your body free of chemical toxins as well as providing you with many minerals and nutrients.

Whenever possible, find the organic farmers market that meets on a Saturday morning and you'll be delighted to find such a wide variety of farmers and products. You'll find pure honey, croissants, many types of breads, all types of vegetables, and many types of meats, even sausages. Sometimes you have to hunt a little to find these markets, but once you do you'll keep going back. The food tastes so much richer. The carrots and potatoes are denser. Be good to yourself and go and find the organic farmer's market in your area. These are real farmers and its real and healthy food.

Major grocers are now beginning to carry a wide variety of organic foods today. You can find organic milk, butter, cheeses, cereals, meats, canned fruits, all types of vegetables, nuts, beans, soups, certain fruits, and so many different types of foods. You can also find organic personal products, makeup and hair products, as well as home cleaning products.

Clean and Vibrant Drinking Water

I am a Canadian living in our capital city of Ottawa. Canada's difficulty in providing its citizens with clean and healthy drinking water is becoming a national disgrace for Canadians. Canada possesses nearly 10% of the worlds renewable fresh water and is experiencing major crises resulting from water contaminated with parasites, bacteria, chemicals and metals. In the past year thousands of communities across Canada have had to issue boil-water advisories, a sign that water contamination is making the water dangerous for human consumption. It's a national disgrace that a country with massive fresh water supplies and a population of only 30 million is unable to guarantee its citizens clean and healthy drinking water.

An essential factor to healthy water is the vibration of that water. Many years ago we would drink water that came from rivers. These rivers flowed and the process of flowing provided water with a certain level of vibration. Today the vibration of drinking water coming out of a tap is zero. That's the result of chemicals and storage in containers.

Today water sits in metal storage tanks for long periods of time, is filled with chemicals or treated with ultra-violet treatments to help eliminate parasites, viruses and bacteria, is filtered to help eliminate dangerous metals and chemicals, and is finally sent to our homes through pipes that are often old and corroded inside. This type of water does not contribute to vibrant health, and that is a major under-statement.

There are many filtering systems available to help screen out contaminants. But it's essential to change the filter very regularly. There are a number of ways you can provide drinking water with a good rate of vibration. If you know how to run energy, just run some energy into the water for about 30 seconds.

A man called Slim Spurling from the United States makes what he calls Life Light Rings that I have used for the past year. These rings are made so that anything you place within the ring becomes highly energized. You can find information about these rings at www.4dshift.com/products/slim.htm. They provide a high rate of vibration and can energize food, water, anything you place within the ring. There is one caution regarding these rings. They need to be used in moderation and you should drink only 2 glasses of water each day energized within these coils.

Coffee, Tea, and Other Drinks

Purists will tell you they never drink anything with caffeine. I believe that you need to limit carefully the caffeine you consume, but a little does not do any serious harm. There are many organic teas available today, both for hot drinks as well as iced drinks in the summer time. You can find many delicious types of organic coffees that are also delicious either hot or cold.

I strongly suggest you avoid completely all colas and carbonated drinks. They are filled with so much sugar and other chemical ingredients that it's best to eliminate them completely from your diet and that of your children. Organic soda drinks are available, and at a reasonable price.

Eating With Gratitude and Relaxation

You can have the highest quality of organic food, the healthiest water from a fresh spring in the mountains. We need to eat and drink this nourishment in love and gratitude to Mother Earth for the bounty she provides us with. We need to be relaxed when we eat.

Before you begin to eat, take a moment and give thanks to the Universe for all we have been given. We are nourished in so many ways; Mother Earth shares her riches so willingly. We need to show our love and gratitude.

Father Sun sends the powerful rays of energy to Mother earth so plants and animals can grow and feed us. It energizes the water we drink. It energizes the quartz in Mother earth, the foundation of so many new technologies today that support our everyday needs. Mother Moon supports the inner rhythms within nature so that they can thrive and reproduce. She is so nurturing. The planet Venus sends us her energies of love. Before each meal, take the time to thank Mother earth and all the planets in our solar system for caring for us so much and giving us what we need to flourish and develop.

Before eating, take time to relax yourself. Food is more easily digested when you are physically, emotionally and intellectually relaxed. Try to avoid discussing subjects that make you anxious, angry or just frustrated. Love yourself and eat within a positive environment.

Healthy Eating and a Healthy Sex Drive

There is a direct relationship between a healthy sex drive and what you eat and drink. Eating large amounts of sugar can seriously affect your sex drive. My experience shows that a lower rate of vibration also means a highly reduced sex drive. So many men and women wonder, especially in their mid-forties why their sex drive seems to have disappeared and are often too embarrassed to ask about it.

As invaders such as parasites, worms, viruses, and candida overgrowth are eliminated, the rate of vibration increases within a person and a healthy sex drive returns. To learn more about vibrational healing, read other articles at www.mkprojects.com . The presence of candida overgrowth, parasites, viruses and other invaders can seriously reduce your sex drive.

Healthy Living Habits

We need to do many other things other than eating healthy to ensure we have vibrant and energetic health. We need to exercise and have regular physical activity; we need to detoxify our systems regularly; we need a good balance of work, play and sleep; we need loving and caring friends in our lives; we need to be intellectually stimulated on a regular basis; we need to work with our emotions and learn how to process out certain emotions; we need to grieve our losses, large and small; we need to we need to have a daily contact with our Creator or whoever we believe in as our Higher Divine Being; we need to pray and meditate; we need to continue learning and growing and moving towards our highest consciousness. We need all these elements in our lives whether we are retired, at home bringing up children, working outside of the home, a student, disabled, or in any state of life.

A Living Habit That Really Hurts Us - Smoking

Every living person, tree, flower, rock, and animal, is surrounded by an energy field called an aura. It is an electro-magnetic field. There are many books today that provide a great deal of information about our auras. We also have chakras, that are electro-magnetic, that I liken to energy transformers. They take the energy from our auras and transform it and move it through our bodies through what is called the meridian system.

Smoking is one of the most destructive things we can do to affect our auras. And this refers to smoking of anything including cigarettes, marijuana, hashish, or whatever else is being smoked today. Smoking systematically weakens and breaks down our auras, eventually creating holes in them. Our energy leaks out of these holes so that we feel weak and tired. External negative energies can easily penetrate a weak aura or an aura with holes in it. Regular exposure to second hand smoke is equally damaging to our auras.

We cannot experience vibrant and energetic health regardless what we eat when we smoke or are around anyone who smokes. It's an important element of good health.

The Benefits of Healthy Eating and Living

The benefits of healthy eating are endless but the major benefit is vibrant and energetic HEALTH. Without healthy eating you cannot feel healthy. Eating healthy will give you increased energy; increased vitality; a revitalized sex life; clearer thinking; you will sleep more deeply and quietly, require less sleep, and feel rested when you wake up; some of your cravings may disappear making you feel more in control; depression can ease; intestinal difficulties can lessen; your emotional extremes can disappear.

You will live longer and enjoy your life more fully. Healthy eating is not going to solve all the problems you might have, but it's an essential element to healthy and happy living.

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Eat Well, Be Well and Enjoy Life,

Mary Kurus

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