What Is Depression?

Depression is an illness of the body, thoughts, emotions, and moods. It effects what you do physically including what you eat and sleep. It affects your physical health, it affects your thinking and thought patterns, and it affects your feelings for yourself, others and your life in general. It affects your behavior. Mild depressions are often called feeling down or the blues. They are also short-lived. Medium to severe depressions are longer term in duration.

Depression is darkness, the opposite of light and sun. Nature often provides a protective cloak of depression to those too deeply affected, as a coping mechanism. The darkness of depression brings aloneness, withdrawal, loneliness, a stoic type of behavior. The journey out of depression is a journey towards light and the radiance of the sun. In life we need both darkness and light. Each has a great deal to teach us and we need to honor both the darkness and the light.

Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of depression vary a great deal from person to person. The following are a number of symptoms commonly experienced while depressed.

  • sad or anxious 
  • feeling empty - life is not worthwhile
  • feeling very negative about yourself, negative thinking · feeling worthless
  • feeling excessively guilty
  • hopeless and pessimistic about the future
  • excessive self-criticism
  • apathy and lack of motivation
  • low energy, lethargy, constantly fatigued and tired
  • crying a lot
  • excessive anger, outbursts of anger or intense emotional instability
  • uncontrollable outbursts of anger or violence
  • poor self-confidence
  • feeling helpless and hopeless
  • difficulty making decisions
  • poor memory and concentration
  • constantly irritated, restless, agitated
  • increased conflict with family members or co-workers
  • difficulty in sleeping or sleeping too much
  • feeling numb, withdrawn or disconnected
  • loss of appetite or excessive appetite
  • a loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed
  • difficulty identifying activities that will give pleasure
  • social withdrawal or isolating and avoiding people
  • free floating aches and pains
  • low sexual desire or a complete lack of sexual desire
  • excessive use of alcohol and drugs

Major Causes of Depression

North American and European cultures place great emphasis on the psychological causes of depression and these are very real. However, there are as many potential causes of depression as there are people who are depressed. I like to look at a broader spectrum of causes of depression including the physical, emotional, metal/intellectual, spiritual, and past life causes of depression. The following are a number of the major causes of depression.

1) Past Life Issues or Core Issues in This Life

Each human being comes into each lifetime with a core issue they need to deal with. Often we bring this core issue through many lifetimes before we are able to deal with a specific core issue. Many chose, either consciously or subconsciously, to not deal with their core issue, and will therefore have to come back to deal with it in a future lifetime.

These past life or core life issues range throughout a very broad spectrum and can include the following: rejection; abandonment; love of hedonistic pleasures; living with spirituality; living in lack; betrayal; issues around power; being true to who we really are rather than what others want us to be; guilt; violence; poverty; wealth; a sour disposition; responsibility; following our calling.

The core issue is often reflected in the life situation of an individual. Similar situations will keep repeating in everyone's life and a close scrutiny will easily show you what you core issue might be. A person who is abused will often have a core issue that relates to abandonment, betrayal, or rejection. A person who lives a life immersed in earthly pleasures such as sex, eating, drinking etc. often has a core issue that relates to choosing a spiritual way of life. A person who values money and is quite materialistic also has core issues around spirituality.

If a core issue is buried and not dealt with, life will continue to provide new opportunities over and over again to help you to see your key issue and deal with it. For example, I had an attempted rape at the age of 21 and again at the age of 34 I experienced another serious attempt at rape. Once I dealt with abuses from my childhood, experiences such as these disappeared from my life. It is said that you often marry your mother or father. Perhaps what they are trying to say is that we marry the situation or behavior that allows us continued opportunity to see our core issue and begin to deal with it. Many women show a repeat pattern of relationships with abusive partners. Obviously one of their core issues is victimization/ saying no/ standing alone and strong.

If you have not dealt with your core issue you will have ongoing difficulty with depression in your life. This can manifest itself as a continuous low-grade depression and anxiety, it can be a stronger and more severe form of depression, it can be a type of depression that's hidden from most, buried within you.

2) Parasites, Worms, Viruses, Infectious Bacteria, Atomic Poisons, Chemicals and Metals, Fungus, Mould, Candida

These invaders create darkness and depression in many people who are carriers. I have found that when many individuals are cleared of these invaders, and cleansed of their toxins and poisons, that depression if often greatly reduced, and people normally feel much stronger physically to be able to deal with their emotional issues. But parasites, worms, viruses, candida etc., all these invaders in and of themselves cause depression and what I call darkness, a veil of darkness through which we see the world.

3) Other Physical Causes of Depression

Somehow there seems to be a general belief that all depression is caused by emotional difficulties. This is definitely not true. There are many physical difficulties that can contribute to depression. An underactive endocrine system can easily cause depression. Certain glands of the endocrine system, including the pineal gland, pituitary gland, and the hypothalamus reside in the brain. Many individuals today have an endocrine system that works very slowly. An underactive endocrine system can be the direct cause of two major illnesses of today, depression and serious weight problems.  An underactive or slow thyroid can be the direct cause depression. The malfunctioning of the magnetic and electric systems in the brain can be a cause of chronic depression. The malfunctioning of the magnetic system anywhere in the body can cause depression. Another physical cause of depression can be a misalignment of the spine. A simple adjustment by a chiropractor can remedy this easily.

Certain Choming Essences can eliminate the slowness or under-activity of organs and systems that cause depression and obesity. The Choming Life Lies Bleeding Flower Essence and the Barite Gem Essence will bring an underactive endocrine system up to a normal speed. At this time I'm not certain if these essences can fully heal the damaged organs, but they certainly can bring an underactive endocrine system up to normal activity. The Foxtail Grass Essence can heal many abnormal and unbalanced functions within the brain. The White Onyx Gem Essence can also rebalance and heal many of the issues in the brain and endocrine system. This type of healing takes a lot of time since these systems are usually quite damaged to become so underactive. I caution people that Choming Essences are made quite differently from other essences being sold in stores. I use an alchemic and metaphysical process. They are made individually and by hand. To learn more about Choming Essences please visit my website at www.mkprojects.com.

To use Choming Essences for healing physical issues relating to the brain and endocrine system, a person must be cleansed completely of parasites, worms, viruses, and toxins and poisons first. This allows for the overall rate of vibration to be raised within. Then only when this is complete can one raise and heal systems that are underactive.

4) Depression Caused by Digestive Food Sensitivities

There are a number of foods that can cause serious emotional depression. Sugar is one of the most serious culprits causing major emotional difficulties, major outbursts of anger and often emotional and physical violence. Wheat is almost equal in causing emotional depression. When digested, wheat turns into a certain type of sugar and this also causes serious depression.

Because of parasite, virus, worm, candida and other fungus types of issues within, the chemistry of the body changes and many people can no longer digest food that they were able to digest when they were younger. I call these digestive problems Digestive Food Sensitivities. The identification of Digestive Food Sensitivities is included in a Vibrational Assessment. For detailed information please refer to articles on this subject at my website at www.mkprojects.com.

5) Depression Caused By Candida

Candida is a fungus overgrowth that spreads within because of the use of antibiotics, birth control pills, and at times emotional issues. Candida causes depression. Candida can be fully eliminated with a Choming Essence Program from 24 - 30 weeks. For detailed information see an article called Eliminating Candida on my website, www.mkprojects.com.

6) Losses

Losses are normal in life and range from small to large. Large losses can include the death of a parent, spouse, child, divorce, separation, violence of all types, the loss of a close friend, the loss of a home, or job. Smaller losses are just a real as larger losses. Most changes in our lives, even when very positive include an element of loss. We can begin a new job that is exciting and fulfilling and yet experience losses from the old job, be it the friends one left behind or just the comfort of a know routine. We can move to a home we have dreamed of, planned and saved for and still experience a sense of loss relating to our old home. There were memories there, friends in the neighborhood, a comfortable pattern that did not require new learning.

We normally experience varying degrees of depression when we lose something, whether it's a positive or negative factor in our lives. Someone can lose a wife or husband who has been cruel and abusive and become deeply depressed wanting that person back in their life. We know they don't miss the abuse. However, their lives seem so empty after this partner is gone, they feel lost and alone. Often they will find another partner who will abuse them in the same manner. Losses are complicated and deep.

Every change in life produces many emotions, including those of loss. And loss produces a sadness and at times depression, depending on the degree of loss.  Grieving is essential to overcoming this type of loss and working through the depression. It is estimated that it takes two years to fully grieve the loss of a spouse. Those who have lost a child speak of the ongoing grief and sadness. The grieving process is essential when dealing with all types of losses, be they major or small. If the emotions attached to the loss are not grieved they will remain within you and create depression.

7) Is That All There Is?

Many adults and adolescents today ask themselves, why am I here, what am I doing, what's this all about. Teenagers suffer this type of depression questioning the values of their families, communities and especially the educational system. This emptiness is caused by a real emptiness in life, an emptiness of values and a real spirituality in living.

Short-term satisfaction can be experienced when a life lived is based on the so acquisition of material possessions, status, and success in ones chosen career. However somehow there never is enough money, there's always a better house or address, there's always another promotion to yearn for, someone is always ahead of you on that social ladder. And so people struggle and struggle for more of the same never achieving any long-term contentment or a true joy of living. Things can never bring deep peace and contentment.

Often as people age and either they can no longer participate actively in these types of life activities, real depression sets in. The journey out of this type of depression often requires serious professional help, especially if the individuals are older. It's very difficult to even begin to admit you may not have placed value on what you realize is more important when you think it's too late.

8) Traumas

Traumas of all types can create depression in individuals as well as communities. The trauma of the destruction of the World Trade Center has created varying degrees of depression in many individuals. Those who lost family, friends, co-workers have been deeply affected. Other traumas of violence can affect people for many years, any type of violence or accidents.

Every type of trauma challenge peoples' reality and beliefs, forcing them to question that which they thought could not be challenged. This causes feelings of vulnerability. Where they felt safe and protected they now feel fear. Emphasis is placed on protecting oneself and their community from possible future traumas rather than living with a sense of peace and love and safety. Core beliefs are shaken and it requires much time to restructure and rebuild a new set of beliefs that include the new reality.

9) Suppressing Anger

Every child is born with a healthy ability to get angry and to express anger. When parents mistreat, neglect, or abandon a child in any manner, even unintentionally, a child gets angry. Most parents do not allow their children to express their anger. Often parents cannot express their own anger and are threatened by children who do express their anger. Or parents can be feeling subconsciously guilty about the way in which they are treating their children and the child's anger brings the neglect or other negative behavior to the surface, something the parent wants to avoid at all cost.

Parents teach their children to suppress their anger, to pretend they are not angry, to deny their true emotions. They often punish children for expressing anger. This is guaranteed to lead to depression and anxiety in children, and these emotions are then carried into a person's adult life.

10) Lacking Hope for the Future

People of all ages can feel a lack of hope for the future. Teenage suicide is a very deep expression of a lack of hope for the future. Those who are chronically ill often have difficulty having hope for the future. Many adults have such important dreams for their futures and in time find their lives do not measure up to their ideal dream, causing a real lack of hope for their future. These are the people who believe they are never good enough and that what they do is not good enough. Their definition of success is a problem that needs to be assessed and redefined.

11) Low Self-Esteem

Another major cause of depression stems from a lack of esteem or value we place on ourselves. People who are depressed tend to feel worthless. An individual can be passive, aggressive, or assertive. A passive individual places great value on the needs of others and very little value on their own needs. An aggressive individual places a high value on their own needs and very little value on the needs of others. An assertive person has a balanced sense of their own needs and the needs of others. Low esteem of yourself or your own needs leads to depression.

12) Depression Caused By Medication

Depression is often one of the side effects of certain types of medication. Be certain to ask your physician if there is a potential for depression from the medication being prescribed and take time to decide for yourself if the benefits of this medication outweigh the negative impacts, including many of the above symptoms of depression.

13) Boredom and Depression

Sometimes we use the word depression very loosely and what we are experiencing is really boredom and not depression. If you watch television every night or look at movie after movie, rarely go out in the evening with friends, hobbies, or community activities, go to work, home and then eat and sleep, you are probably very bored with your life. You can be a very busy person and still be bored with life. Ask yourself a simple question. "What could I do that I would find very exciting and stimulating" and stop making excuses and go and do it. You may have to begin with small steps but begin. Your life will be an interesting as you decide it's going to be.

14) By Being a Misfit

The majority of people today work so hard to fit a picture that is deemed to be "normal" and "acceptable". This picture is often presented and reinforced by television and movies. It's no longer in vogue to be your own person, find your own truth, and be true to who you are. This is the age of being "politically correct" and that means denying who and what to are to the public at large. If you have the courage and strength to be true to yourself and stand for your beliefs, especially if these are not the materialistic and success types of beliefs, then you are labeled as a misfit.

When you are true to yourself, you are often rejected at work, in your community or at school and this is a painful and lonely experience, one that can cause real depression. The only solution is to remain true to yourself and find a grouping of people where you are truly valued for who and what you are. Remember that conforming can cause really serious depression.

15) Baby Blues

Many women experience depression after giving birth to a child. If you are experiencing this type of depression ask your physician to test your thyroid function since carrying a child for nine months may have depleted your thyroid. This type of depression can cause serious difficulties for the mother, infant and the rest of your family.

Triggers of Depression

You can go through life with a mild or medium level depression and be so accustomed to feeling that way that you believe it's the normal way to be. We can lack consciousness of the depression within us for extended periods of time and then something or someone will appear to trigger thoughts and memories so we feel and experience our depression more acutely.

Christmas is a time when many people become more deeply depressed or aware of their depression. They remember the family issues that are hurting within. If they are no longer connected with their families, they can experience a lot of loneliness at this time. They remember things that caused them shame, guilt, anger or sadness. They feel the lack of intimacy with spouses when marriages are lacking in closeness and intimacy. It's a time of the year when people often go to a religious service and feel the emptiness of their spiritual selves. Going to church may surface the feeling that perhaps God has abandoned them or just doesn't love them. Depressive thinking is not logical. It reflects the pain, sadness, and darkness within.

Other special days can also trigger memories and feelings of depression. An anniversary date of the death of a friend can bring back memories and feelings buried within to the surface. A trip to a childhood neighborhood can trigger many thoughts and feelings that force the depression to a deeper level.

Feelings that have not been fully experienced and owned remain buried within us, either in our physical body or energetic body. Feelings stay buried alive within us until we feel them and own them. If painful feelings are buried for long periods of time they are almost guaranteed to cause depression. In the long-term they also cause physical illness.

The Shame and Guilt of Being Depressed

Many people still believe today that depression is a sign of weakness, a sign of weakness of character. And this is often believed by those who are actually depressed, not just the people around them.

Many people are ashamed of their depression and go to great lengths to hide the fact that they are depressed. People often feel they are to blame for their depression, as if they had done something wrong and became depressed as a result of that. There is still a social stigma attached to depression, even though it is changing a little at a time. Perhaps the very number of depressed people is reaching sufficient proportions that shifts are taking place in attitudes leading to less shame and blame that's attached to depression.

How To Journey Out of Depression

There are so many valid and effective ways of releasing depression. The following are just a few of the methods that can help, especially with mild or medium depression. Severe depression requires professional help and at times medication.

1) Choming Flower Essences, Tree Essences, Gem Essences

Choming Essences can eliminate depression that is caused by physical elements. They can eliminate the parasites, worms, viruses, infectious bacteria, candida, and other invaders that are causing your depression. They can cleanse the brain of metal and chemical poisons again eliminating the depression caused by these poisons. They can help to heal a damaged endocrine system.  A few Choming Essences have now been made that can actually raise an endocrine system so that it is no longer underactive.

Emotions can remain buried and repressed in your auras or physical body for long periods of time. Many find it difficult to see and know the feelings they buried so long ago or how to bring them to a conscious level. Remember, feelings are buried because they were too painful to experience at the time they were originally experienced.

Choming Essences can help to release many of these emotions so that they move up into your conscious mind and you can begin to feel whatever is buried. The first step towards any change is awareness and a first step out of depression is to become aware of the emotions that are buried within you.

At times Choming Essences can just wash away certain emotions giving you a very special gift from the Universe. There are emotions that at times no human power can touch or help and that only the power of nature and other mystical energies can help. Choming Essence can provide this type of assistance.

Choming Essences are a powerful support to anyone who is receiving therapy from a psychologist or psychiatrist. They help shift perceptions, awareness, the ability to feel, so that you can receive greater benefit from the therapy you are receiving. They can shift barriers that we have placed unconsciously within and around ourselves.

Depression is darkness. Choming Essences help to being a ray of light into this darkness, to provide support, strength, courage and insight as one begins and continues their journey out of the darkness and into the light. They help us to have less fear for the lightness around us and within us. They help us be less afraid of ourselves as a powerful and beautiful light.

Many individuals have a major disconnect between their intellectual reasoning and their emotions. Many like to think about things but avoid feeling about situations and people. Many Choming Essences help to link this great divide and connect the heart with the mind.

Darkness: There is a darkness that often surrounds individuals who are infected with parasites, worms, viruses, candida, infectious bacteria, atomic poisons and metal and chemical poisons. This darkness is like a thin veil that covers everything they experience in life. My experience has shown me that this thin veil lifts and disappears as the parasites, candida etc. are eliminated with Choming Essences. This brings a brightness and clarity that was not present with the parasites and candida.

2) Emotional Acupressure - Getting Rid of Negative Feelings

Feelings commonly associated with depression are sadness, anger, rage, grief, loss, despair, sorrow, pessimistic, melancholy, and unhappy. One of the easiest and simplest ways of transmuting an emotion is a process that I now call Emotional Acupressure since it uses the same methodology used to release physical stress. The methodology is as follows.

Forget what caused the emotion in the first place and concentrate as deeply as you can on an emotion. Find that emotion within you. Does it live in your stomach, your midriff, your heart, where in your body is this emotion sitting. Go through your body carefully and find the emotion. Once you have found it carefully look at what shape it has, what is its color, is it this or dense, does it have an odor, is it wet, does it have a certain texture. Describe it to yourself as fully as you can. Then go and visit this emotion. Be with it, hold it, stay with it, honor that it is resting within you. Don't try to change it or have any negative emotions towards it. Just be with it. So often we are afraid of our emotions and we run away from them rather than owning them and visiting with them. Visit this emotion as often as you can, every day if possible. You will find that in time this emotion will begin to shrink within you.  It will become smaller and smaller until it disappears. It's by owning and accepting a feeling that it will disappear rather than running away from it.

An Example: A lady I knew had been severely abused as a child and she had a deep sense of sadness within her that would not go away, regardless of the best possible therapy. She finally decided to meditate daily on her sadness. She decided to concentrate on her sadness and not allow any thoughts regarding its cause. It took many meditations before she found where her sadness lived within her. It was in her midriff area. It was a dark gray color, it was the shape of many clouds that were thick, overlapping, dense, and it was big. She taught herself to visualize herself holding these clouds, and just being with them. She became more peaceful and accepting that this sadness was just a part of her. She did nothing to change these deep clouds of sadness. One day she noticed the clouds were shrinking in size. After a few months there was hardly anything left. As the clouds within shifted, her sadness also left.

3) Grieving Losses

Losses that are not grieved remain within us, affecting our future behavior. And it takes real time to fully grieve our losses. We need to clearly look at what we have lost, honor these feelings, and stay with them long enough so they can shift. Larger losses take much longer to process. It normally takes two years to fully grieve the loss of a loved partner, child or friend. Today many support groups exist to help people as they move through their grieving process. Losses that are not grieved eventually can cause physical illnesses.

4) Turning Depression Into Anger

Depression normally needs to be turned into anger so it can be released or transmuted. Depression is often described as anger turned inwards or frozen anger. There are many ways of turning depression into anger. You can scream and hit inanimate objects to turn your depression into anger. You can write a letter to the person who is related toy our depression describing in detail the situation, the behavior, and how this behavior affected you. This gives expression to your depression and helps to release the anger. You need not give these letters to anyone because this could cause further difficulties in relationships. It's a good idea to discuss the potential implications of sending letters so that it doesn't affect others if not necessary.

5) Visualization One of a Hope and Dream

Visualize something that will bring hope and joy into your life. Imagine it is already in your life. Each day, close your eyes and paint a detailed picture of this hope in your mind. You might want to imagine a new friend. What do they look like, how do they dress, what do you do together, what are their faults as well as their positive qualities. Keep imagining this person on a daily basis until they do appear in your real life.

6) Love Heals

When someone is depressed they do not feel wanted, or needed or loved. They have difficulty giving and receiving love. There is an emotional numbness that accompanies withdrawal and a feeling of being disconnected from others. A person who is depressed needs to feel the love and help of those around them, their family and friends. A depressed person needs lots of support, care and time from those who love and care for them as they move in their journey of healing.

7) Exercise

People who are depressed often sit for days on end moving very little. Any type of exercise changes the chemistry within a human body releasing those chemicals that make us feel happier. It's sp important to get a little exercise every day, especially when someone is depressed. Walking is one of the most important things we can do to help ourselves move out of depression. Another group of stretching exercise I recommend greatly are called " the Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation". They are fully described in two books called Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder and Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth - Book 2: A companion to the book by Peter Kelder. Book 2 provides you with introductory exercises in stretching to help you eventually do the Five Rites. If you have weight problems these exercises are a must for long-term weight loss.

8) Rebuilding After Your Reality and Beliefs Have Shifted

Many people around the world had their beliefs shaken deeply as a result of the destruction of the World Trade Center. Their beliefs about personal freedoms have been shaken. Their beliefs about the need for military protection have shifted. Their beliefs about capital punishment have been deeply challenged. The trauma caused by this violence has shifted reality for many in many different ways.

Often something has to die before something new can be rebuilt. Traumas provide us with a forced need to relinquish old ideas and to create and build a new reality. After the death of a spouse the remaining partner has to slowly build for themselves a new life. This new life will often retain pieces of the old life but will also contain many new elements and certain parts of the old life will disappear. This is the type of rebuilding that needs to occur after each major trauma and loss in life.

There are things that can happen to us as children that leave such a profound mark on us that rebuilding is required once we become aware of their impact. A friend recently told me her story. When she was ten, her family moved to a new city. The day they were moving into their new house another little girl who lived on the same street came to say hello and take her to meet her mother. My friend was eating raisins at the time. When the new little girl's mother saw my friend, instead of welcoming her she chastised her quite severely for not sharing her raisons with her daughter. This led my friend to become a deep people pleaser. She became aware of the profound effect of this happening in her early twenties and has struggled since then to become much more her own person.

9) Living Your Passion

Regardless of your age, your health, your talents, your beliefs, each one of us has something within that we feel deeply passionate about. It can be the preservation of a forest, it can be about helping others, it can be about creating a painting, it can be about cycling or marathons, it can be about writing a book. We all have something that we are deeply passionate about. Take the time to find out what you are passionate about and then introduce this into your life. The chronically ill have passions and they too need to live their passion. It takes courage and determination to begin to live your passion, even a little. Progress is often made with little steps rather than large and major happenings. Beginning to live your passion is a major element of moving on that journey out of depression and into a life filled with joy and light.

10) Developing a Relationship with Your Divine Creator

There is a direct relationship between your emotional stability and your relationship with whatever it is you believe to be God. God can mean Allah, nature, intelligent energy, a Divine Creator, the soul of the Cosmic Universe, just about anything you want it to be. What's essential is that you have a real relationship with your concept of a Divine Creator. People without this type of a relationship are normally filled with fear and anxiety. They have a deep control orientation in their relationships and we know that love cannot live when control exists.

11) Eliminating Foods Causing Depression From Your Diet

Many people today have what I call digestive food sensitivities. ( for deeper information, I have a few articles about these on my website at www.mkprojects.com ). Eating these foods causes depression and need to be eliminated from your diet. The two most important foods that cause depression are sugar and wheat products. There are many books written about the direct relationship of sugar to depression. When digested into our systems, wheat turns into a certain type of sugar and also can be a major cause of depression. There are many breads made today from other flours that are quite good. Pasta made from rice is available in health food stores and is also very good. To help eliminate your depression, eliminate these foods from your diet.

Anti-Anxiety and Antidepressant Drugs:

The side-effects of taking anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs make for very worrying reading. They can include addiction; aggressive behavior; heart palpitations; loss of sex drive; memory loss; difficulty performing normal tasks; disorientation; risk of blackout, agitation, and anxiety; risk of tendencies towards suicide and homicide; disruption of sleep patterns; weight loss; they can produce permanent damage in the brain; risk of movement disorders; and a potential worsening of the depression. The option of natural and safe alternatives should be fully explored before taking such a major step as the use of these drugs. The addiction factor alone is extremely concerning as well as other physical side effects.

How Long Does It Take To Journey Out of Depression

Each one of us is a unique human being and each journey out of depression is also very individual. So much depends on the issues. If the problem is primarily physical and is caused by parasites, worms, viruses or candida, a program of Choming Essences can clear these invaders out in approximately 6 -10 months and the darkness will lift and the depression will shift during this period of time. Parasites, worms, candida, all invaders cause physical weakness. Once eliminated, the person feels stronger and more able to cope with their emotional issues - and we all have emotional issues. If other issues exist in the brain, additional time is required to complete this type of healing.

Other types of depression based on emotional factors, belief systems, traumas or childhood issues can take longer to shift. What's important is to begin the journey and for each human being to honor the journey of healing they are taking.

Further Information

I have many other articles on this website on a wide range of topics including complete descriptions of about 170 Choming Essences made from flowers, trees, grass, crystals, gems and things from the sea. Please feel free to contact me for additional information.

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