Frequently Asked Questions - General

FAQs - General

Vibrational essences can act directly on the physical and energetic bodies. This includes the organs, systems, and all cells in the physical body as well as the various layers of the aura, the charkas, the meridian system as well as the entire electro-magnetic body. Choming Essences can affect physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects influencing our bodies, thoughts, emotions, and especially the spiritual aspects within us.

Choming Essences are made from the vibrations of plants, flowers, trees, and elements of the sea. Each plant or tree or flower has its own vibration. An essence is the vibration of that flower plant or tree that is put into a bottle with distilled water and a bit of alcohol to keep the vibration locked in the water. When you take a Vibrational essence it changes the vibrations in your physical and energetic bodies. For example, parasites cannot live in a body with a higher vibration and when you take certain Choming Essences the parasites and their spores (reproductive cells) disappear.

It will tell you if I read the vibrations of parasites, worms, viruses, infectious bacteria, fungus, candida, mould, metal poisons, chemical poisons, atomic poisons; blockages in your auras and chakras; spirits and entities; vibrations of vitamin and mineral deficiencies; the rate of vibration of key organs and systems in your body; and vibrations of emotions or emotional states that are affecting your health at the time the assessment is conducted. It also will provide you with a recommended program of detoxification to adjust your vibrations so that all invaders are eliminated, systems and organs are moved to a healthy vibration, and emotional shifts are supported. Each Vibrational Assessment includes a 16 page written report.

Unfortunately parasites, worms etc take the vibration of the body and medical tests are often not able to identify them. I truly hope that with technological advances, new medical tests can be identified that will be able to identify these invaders that are creating so many health problems for so many.

I am a distance dowser deeply intuitive and gifted metaphysically and I'm able to connect with universal energies that gives me the answers to the questions I ask about someone with your name. I read vibrations. Dowsers can read vibrations of underground water, earth energies and earth grids. I read your personal vibrations to tell you many things about yourself. My accuracy is high and I've been able to work with people from around the world by assessing their personal vibrations through dowsing. People call me many things, I call myself a Vibrational Consultant who uses dowsing to read your vibrations.

I am very respectful of the privacy of others and have a very serious and strict personal code of ethics. I will only read vibrations of others if I am asked to do so by the person. All vibrational information and reports are completely confidential.

Yes they can truly help you with your emotions. We have so many emotions buried within us and the essences can move these emotions up so you can feel them and process them out or just help you become more grounded and centered. At other times they literally wash the emotion out. Our emotions rest in our physical bodies as well as our energetic bodies and Choming Essences work on all elements of the physical and energetic bodies.

Choming Essences will raise the vibrations in your body until an organ or system is vibrating at a normal high vibration. It’s important to remember that parasites, worms, viruses, fungus, all types of invaders cause a lot of damage in cells and organs. They dump many toxins in the body as well as damaging the cells and organs themselves. Once the vibration is back to normal it will take the body a great deal of time to heal that cell or organ, easily two years or more. It’s important to support this inner healing with herbal tinctures, tonics and vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as avoiding foods that create stress in the body. 

Choming Essences work to raise the vibrations in your cells, organs and systems. Each organ and syatem has its own healthy rate of vibration. They are work to cleanse and eliminate blockages in your charkas, different layers of your auras. Certain essences, e.g. Charoite, can help heal the damages to the electrical circuits in your auras. The essences are nature working to heal in its most complex and integrated manner.

Yes they can. At times you can take on certain personality aspects or health issues of the possessing spirit or entity that is resting in your body or aura. There are documented cases showing that once the spirit or entity has left the individual has returned to normal health or behavior. There have been times when I have been dowsing an assessment and identified findings that puzzled me. When I investigated further I found that the findings were from a spirit or entity sitting in that person's aura and not the individual themselves. Today I always read and clear external energies before I begin to conduct a Vibrational Assessment.

Yes they really can, depending on your sensitivity. Geomancers have found that the intersections of the Hartman and Curry Grids ( electro-magnetic grids surrounding Mother Earth) can have a powerful effect on your health and can cause serious health issues.

I do not believe that all illness is caused by emotions. If by chance you drink a glass of water or eat a bowl of soup that is heavily infected with parasites or infectious bacteria you will become infected with them regardless of your emotions at that time, be they happy, sad, angry or compassionate. Our immune systems, even when very healthy, can only fight off so much at any given point and time. I believe that approximately 60% of illness is caused by emotions and 40% is caused by other factors. The world today is a complex place with many environmental poisons, chemicals, metals, and all types of invaders, and our approaches and concepts need to take this into account. That coupled with international travel and the migration of people and food has changed factors that affect our health in many ways.

Antibiotics can often eliminate parasites, worms etc. However they do not eliminate their spores (reproductive cells) that the parasite, worm, virus etc drop in the body. After about 6 weeks spores become parasites worms etc and the entire circle of infestation begins again. That's why it's difficult to eliminate these invaders. Choming Essences have been able to shift internal human vibrations so that after complete detoxification the vibrations of the parasites, worms, viruses, infectious bacteria and their spores are gone.

Most definitely. I've seen depression disappear many times when parasites and worms are eliminated. It is well documented today that fungus or candida overgrowth causes depression, and it's the same for many other invaders such as parasites (especially the blood parasite), worms, infectious bacteria, and mould. Depression can be caused by many other factors and not all depression disappears when invaders are gone. It really depends on the cause of the depression.

There are so many ways. They can be found in the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, from not washing your hands after you go to the bathroom, body fluids of all types including saliva, restaurant food and many other sources.

Fungus and mould have roots. Just look at any food with fungus or mould and you will see the roots. Choming Essences will shift your personal vibrations raising them until your personal vibrations are at a healthy level. When the vibrational level is healthy many types of fungus, mould and their roots are eliminated. This includes candida overgrowth and cellular fungus.

I do agree that many people today have low grade infestations of e-coli and other infectious bacteria. However these infestations will eventually make you tired and weaken your vital energy resulting in feelings of weakness, listlessness and fatigue. That's why it's important to detoxify all invaders so that you can live life feeling highly energetic and fully alive.

Many Choming Essences have a real and substantial physical effect on the human body. I make my essences very differently and that's why they can effect humans physically as well as mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Choming Essences are not the answer for all illnesses but they can provide a strong support to traditional medical treatments as well as other alternative treatments.

Most definitely. So often you will hear a therapist speak about a patient being "stuck". Choming Essences work to move or shift emotional blockages in your body and auras and help to bring these emotions closer to the surface so you can feel them and work with your therapist on them. They are a powerful support to therapy.

Most definitely. Choming Essences heal vibrationally which means that they adjust the vibrations in your physical and energetic bodies. They do not affect other prescribed medications. Only a qualified medical practitioner can adjust your prescribed medications. Please be certain to consult with your medical practitioner in person about your health problems and any changes to your prescribed medications.

I strongly recommend that homeopathic remedies be discontinued while taking Choming Essences and Tinctures. Choming Essences can work easily with other vibrations whereas homeopathic remedies normally do not integrate well with other vibrations.

Choming Essences work very well with other forms of healthcare. Therapists and medical doctors find that essences are complementary to their work. Choming Essences integrate easily with many other forms of treatment including massage, energy work, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic work and astrology. It is really complementary to all forms of healing and can be taken along with prescribed medication.

Choming Essences will perform a complete detoxification that eliminates invaders and poisons, cleanses and rebalances your systems and organs. Since the essences work at all levels during the detoxification, including emotional, mental and spiritual levels, you should find that you feel much less tired and emotionally more balanced after this detoxification. Choming Essences will not solve your many personal problems but they will make you feel stronger and able to cope with life's journey in a healthier and much more vibrant manner. Most peole begin to experience shifts in energy in weeks five or six of a Choming Essence program. Usually, fatigue and listlessness totally disappears after the detoxification is completed.

Each Choming Essences is made to the strength in vibration to meet your exact needs when the Vibrational Assessment is conducted. This ensures that the rate of vibration is perfect for you, your weight and height and the strength of your vital force. Each Choming Essence is personalized. I often recommend that those who are weak begin by taking one drop four times daily and to gradually increase the dosage until they are able to take 4 drops 4 times each day, which is considered to be the normal dosage. This personalized approach makes Choming Essences perfect for everyone.

Most definitely. Choming Essences can detoxify metals and chemicals from your physical body and your aura. It's important to know that metal and chemical poisons rest in your aura as well as the body. It takes approximately 18 months for the cellular memory of metals and chemicals to leave completely.

Some people experience feelings of fatigue or flu like symptoms. These are normal detoxification symptoms and they should disappear after 2-4 weeks. Some people find they begin to feel emotions they didn't know they had. Many people who have suppressed their anger will feel their anger coming to the surface. Your ability to feel is often enhanced and gives you the opportunity to see and release buried emotions. Others will find they become much more assertive and confident and with the ability to handle situations they didn't now they had. It depends on your issues and which essences you take.

It's important to understand the difference between food allergies, food sensitivities and digestive food sensitivities. If you believe you are allergic to a food please see your physician immediately for food allergy tests. Digestive food sensitivities occur as a result of candida and parasites, worms, viruses etc. Your body changes the manner in which your body digests food because of the presence of invaders and it has to work much harder to digest certain foods. I call this a digestive food sensitivity. A good sign that you have digestive sensitivity is when you need to sleep soon after you have eaten. This means you do not have enough energy to stay awake and digest your food at the same time and that your body needs all its energy to digest what you have eaten. Major food groups that are often problematic are wheat products, dairy products, sugar and yeast. I identify if you have digestive food sensitivities to these major food groups as part of the Vibrational Assessment I conduct.

One of the sections of a Vibrational Assessment identifies if you are deficient in about 20 different vitamins and minerals. You can be taking supplements and still be deficient if you have parasites, worms, infectious bacteria, viruses and candida or other types of fungus and mould. All these invaders eat up the good vitamins and minerals from your food and supplements and you end up with serious deficiencies. If you are taking mineral supplements they should be chelated or citrate since these mineral treatments ensure that the minerals go directly into your blood stream and are absorbed rather than being washed out of your body.

Most definitely, especially if your pets wander freely outside. Food that sits in garbage is rotten and contains many worms, infectious bacteria and other types of invaders. If your animals wander about they are sticking their noses into many unsavory things. Then they come home and lick you and your children. Parasites and worms are often given to children and adults by their pets.

I normally do not give an essence for more than 12 consecutive weeks and don't believe Choming Essences should be taken for a period of time longer than that. After some time it's fine to take the same essence again but it's important to understand why the same essence is required.

Classical or traditional homoeopathists and other alternative practitioners use their remedies to affect the emotional balance in your bodies which is based on the assumption that all illness is caused by emotions and that if you shift the emotion all else will be healed. This may have been valid 20 years ago but the world is a very different place today with many invaders chemicals, metals and poisons, being ingested by humans every day. Just think of the chemicals and metals in the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat. I strongly believe that our bodies need help to detoxify these foreign elements and that much fatigue is caused by them. There is a newer group of homoeopathists who strongly believe that detoxification is the essential first step and who deal with emotional issues once detoxification has been completed.

When I prepare an essence for a client I dowse for the actual strength of vibration for that individual. Different people can absorb different strengths of vibration depending on the state of their current vital force, their size, weight and their sensitivity to vibrational healing. It's important to take a vibrational essence with the rate of vibration compatible to your rate of vibration.

Normally I suggest people complete a full bottle of essence up to a total of six weeks. But listen to your intuition and if you keep forgetting to take an essence or just think well that's enough then you should stop at that point. Our subconscious will tell us what they need if we listen to it carefully. We need to respect intuitive selves.

I have been delighted to see couples have their assessments done together. Not only are they dealing with physical issues that are sexually transmitted, but I have seen on many occasions that working with Choming Essences together provided them with an opportunity to see each others emotions and opened the door for some real and meaningful communication, an important step to a healthier relationship. I recommend this very highly. It's important to know that parasites, worms, viruses, infectious bacteria, candida, and many other types of fungus are sexually transmitted and this can pose problems for both members of a couple.

I have seen many people take these essences and make major shifts in their attitudes that are more loving centered rather than accomplishment or worldly centered. Most definitely. But every human being has free will and you need to be open to this type of change and transformation for it to occur.

Definitely not. Choming Essences are made by lifting the vibration of a flower, plant or tree. Essential oils are made by extracting the oil from the plant itself and are made from plant material. Essences do not contain any physical element of the plant but essential oils are part of the plant. A vibrational remedy will work on your electro-magnetic field as well as the body. Essential oils and herbal remedies work on the physical body only and do not penetrate as deeply as a Vibrational remedy. I recommend that you take a Choming Essence Combination 4 times a day, 4 drops each time. This introduces the vibration of that combination into your body regularly and raises the overall vibration. Essential oils are used quite differently and normally have a different effect.