What Is Detoxification?

Detoxification is a process that helps to eliminate or clean out of the body the different toxins that have accumulated in the physical and energetic body. Most detoxification processes deal with only the physical body, while detoxification with Choming Natural Essences deals with the energetic body, namely the aura and the chakras, as well as the physical body.

Is Detoxification Necessary?

The world we live in, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil in which our food grows, and the food we eat, are filled with hundreds of different chemicals and metals. The processes used for harvesting and processing our foods use hundreds of different chemicals. Our food crops are sprayed with many pesticides, that are chemically based. Our water supply systems are filled with hundreds of different chemicals in an effort to protect us from many harmful bacteria and parasites. The prescription drugs being used today are all chemically based. Recreational drugs and cigarettes are filled with chemicals and metals. Because of the large extent of globalization and lifestyle requirements, we are exposed, on a daily basis, to parasites, worms, infectious bacteria, viruses and a huge variety of molds and fungus. There's very little today that the average individual is exposed to that does not include exposure to elements that can be unhealthy for the average person.

A healthy body is able to neutralize, transform, or eliminate these metals, chemicals, invaders, and fungus in limited amounts. But many people today are not sufficiently healthy to eliminate these elements, their immune systems are weakened, their lymphatic systems are not fully open, their bodies and energetic bodies are congested, with the result of a slow accumulation of toxins.

Detoxification is not only necessary, it's essential to energetic and vibrant health.

What Are Toxins?

Toxins are substances that create irritating or harmful effects in the body. Toxins produce antibodies that are very harmful to good health. For example, parasites are harmful to any organ or system that they inhabit in the body since they decrease its efficient working. But they are doubly harmful because they excrete toxins into the body, the cells, and the bloodstream, slowing down or altering the normal processes of the body. Toxins are real poisons to the body.

An overgrowth of fungus called Candida also excretes toxins into your blood stream. Many individuals today have low grade infections of certain bacteria which dump many toxins into the blood stream daily. A flu or a virus is caused by infectious bacteria and viruses. When you have a cold or flu toxins are eliminated into your blood stream.

What Has Changed In the Past 25 Years?

The degree of exposure to metals and chemicals and invaders has increased enormously in the past 25 years. Look at the methods used to grow and process foods, the use of colors dyes and preservatives in the foods we eat, the number of chemicals in our water, and the increased air pollution from increased manufacturing and automobiles. Look at the use of drugs and recreational drugs. When you look at these areas you begin to get the sense of the magnitude of problems relating to toxins in our physical and energetic bodies.

Medicine continues to treat disease with drugs which are essentially derived from chemicals. The use of prescription drugs has increased to amazing levels in the past 25 years, often with positive life saving results. However there are many drugs which create harmful side effects with the effect that other drugs are given to counteract these side effects leading to a need for more and more drugs in a vicious circle. Very few people are asking questions concerning the residues of chemicals in the human body from the use of these drugs.

Our diets have changed substantially from 25 years ago. Today many of our foods are processed, which means that everything is cooked and ground up. In the past our diets were much more natural, with a higher percentage of uncooked food which is full of life giving energy. We consume much more refined sugar and flour. The fat content of most diets has increased. We eat many forms of processed foods that contain food additives, dyes, and various chemicals used to enhance the shelf life of this food. We use large amounts of table salt and cooking oils. Just the process of shopping can add toxins into our bodies since many individuals are sensitive to the scanners used at the checkout counters.

The use of recreational drugs is quite common place today, particularly with our teenagers, and yet we are not asking about the physical effects of chemical and metal resides left in the body from these recreational drugs. I recently read an article that stated that marijuana is much stronger today than the pot that was smoked 10 years ago. Many more teenagers are smoking pot on a daily basis, and yet we do nor know the effect of the residue of these drugs on their bodies.

Hundreds of thousands of young children today are being prescribed many drugs including Ritalin and Prosaic. Research has not been sufficient to determine the long-term effects of these drugs on the growing and developing nervous systems of these children. Estimates recently published stated that in the United States more than one million children are taking Prosaic every day.

Parasites, Worms, Viruses, and Infectious Bacteria

The first step in the detoxification process requires the elimination of those elements which I call the invaders. These are the parasites, worms, infectious bacteria and viruses that are so present in so many people today. It is rare for an individual who lives a normal and varied life to be free of these today. The increase in international travel has exposed many individuals to parasites, worms, infectious bacteria and viruses, more than ever before. North Americans and Europeans do not have the natural immunity against many of these invaders and are more susceptible to infestations than those living in these environments.

The major carriers of these invaders are the water supply and the food that is eaten. Other parasites and worms can penetrate directly through the skin. Infestations can also result from eating off dishes that are not clean, from poor sanitary practices, unclean facilities, contaminated food, and many other sources.

Before and cleansing, rebalancing or rejuvenating can take place, the invaders must be eliminated. The first step in detoxification requires the elimination of the worm, parasite etc. The second step requires the elimination of the spore or the reproductive cell of the parasite, worm, or virus that remains in the body after the parasite, worm or virus has been eliminated. This is why antibiotics are often ineffective in the medium term. They can eliminate the invaders, but are often not able to eliminate the spores.

An individual can walk around for years, feeling constantly fatigued and tired, infested with various parasites or worms. After ten or twenty or thirty years, the spores of the invaders can rest very deeply in the individual, requiring a longer period of elimination and detoxification.

Many Types of Fungus and Mould

Fungus and mould are other elements which need to be eliminated before the cleansing, rebalancing and rebuilding phases of the detoxification process can take place. There are a variety of types of fungus including overgrowths such as candida, fungus on the lungs and different types of cellular fungus. Fungus is a natural element in our bodies. However, it becomes a problem when it grows out of control creating a variety of symptoms. These symptoms can include fatigue, depression, digestive difficulties and many other symptoms. Fungus and mould have roots, and these roots need to be eliminated once the actual fungus and mould has been dealt with or the fungus overgrowth or mould will simply reappear.

In my experience, I have found that fungus and mould can create blockages in the chakras and auras, whereas parasites, worms, infectious bacteria and viruses remain in the physical body.

Metal and Chemical Residues

Many people today have residues of metals and chemicals in their physical bodies and auras and chakras. The traditional medical community does not acknowledge that the problem of metal and chemical congestion exists. Perhaps the reason is that they do not have the means to detoxify these metals and chemicals as well as the major implications for how we live.

Residues of metals and chemicals can rest in any organ or gland. For example, they can slow down the working of the thyroid gland, or they can completely unbalance the entire digestive system so that it no longer works effectively. Research is being conducted to see the effect of metals and chemicals on children who are diagnosed as Attention Deficit Disorder. We are only beginning to learn about the effects of chemicals and metal residues in the body.

How Can You Test For Toxins?

There are many different types of medical tests for toxins, which can involve the analysis of urine, blood, stools, and the functioning of various organs. Medical practitioners and naturopaths are familiar with these different types of tests. There is a hair analysis test that identifies overloads of metal and chemical toxins. This test is often criticized by many for the potential for problematic interpretation and exaggeration of its results. There are new tests that use saliva which is said to contain an element of everything that rests in your body.

As in all the vibrational assessment work that I do, I use a pendulum to identify the vibrations of parasites, worms, infectious bacteria, viruses, fungus and metal and chemical toxins in body. The Vibrational Assessment that I conduct also includes the assessment of the vibrations of energetic elements, blockages in the auras and chakras, as well as the vibrational assessment of 65 different emotional states. This assessment has proven quite effective in identifying the vibrational imbalances in the physical and energetic bodies.

Common Symptoms That Signal a Need to Detoxify:

Fatigue is one of the most common and most frequently occurring symptoms which signals that you may have accumulated toxins in your body. This is a deep fatigue that is quite different from just being tired. It's interesting to note that so many of the modern day illnesses have fatigue as a very major and common symptom.

Many individuals experience regular problems with their digestive systems, including constipation, lots of gas, indigestion, and sensitivities to different foods. Many experience increased headaches, joint pains, regular coughs, increased mucous in the lungs, backaches, sinus problems, nervousness, sleeping problems, moodiness, skin blotches, anxiety, and depression. These are all potential symptoms of a buildup of toxins in the body and the need to detoxify. They may also be symptoms of other issues, but these symptoms may be signaling a need to detoxify and detoxification should be conducted to ensure that toxins are eliminated.

Different Methods of Detoxification:

There are a number of different processes that can cleanse physical organs and systems of accumulated toxins. Many natural practitioners have identified specific formulas and procedures for different organs and systems. Hanna Kroeger has developed specific cleansing processes for the kidneys, the blood system, the liver, the gall bladder, and many other organs.

Using cleansing as a method of detoxification normally requires a combination of fasting and the use of certain foods and/or certain herbal combinations. Cleansing and fasting are always helpful to any system however, using this method can have certain limitations. First there is usually a specific combination for each organ so that a full internal cleansing can be very intensive for a long period of time. Also, cleansing with fasting and herbal combinations is limited to the physical body and does not work on the energetic body.

Other methods of cleansing and detoxifying include juice fasts, water fasts, lemon juice/water/maple syrup or honey fasts, chelation therapy, vitamin therapy, mono-diets, specific diets, and many other methods being developed every day. New and varied methods and products for detoxification are being developed constantly.

Detoxification with Choming Natural Essences:

Detoxification with Choming Flower and Gem Essences is a different approach to detoxification. Choming Essences use the principle of all vibrational healing, which shifts and increases the vibrations in a human body so that vibrations are increased and built up to the optimum level. This shift in vibrations stimulates the cells, organs, and systems in a human body to eliminate the invaders, and to release and cleanse the accumulated toxins, since they cannot remain in the body at the higher vibration. The essences also rebalance and revitalize the organs and systems that have been detoxified. Once the vibration has been raised to the optimum level in all the systems, and the essence program has been completed, the body continues to heal itself for up to six months. For more detailed information on vibrational healing, please refer to the article titled "What Is Vibrational Healing" under the articles section of this Website.

Choming Flower and Gem Essences also detoxify the energetic body, including the various levels of the aura and the chakras. Blockages are created in the aura and chakras by chemical and metal toxins, fungus, mould, negative emotions, thought patterns, and external energies. The presence of these elements in the chakras and aura creates blockages which results in a reduced flow of energy into the human body. Chakras act like transformers of energy from the energetic body into the physical body. If they are partially blocked, the person will receive less energy and will become fatigued more easily. These blockages can also create emotions of depression, apathy, lethargy and a bland indifference to life. The same exists for the different levels of the aura. If blockages exist the energy flow is decreased.

There are 13 Choming Essences specifically identified as general detoxifiers, and many of the other Choming Essences also work well as detoxifiers. The essences specifically identified for detoxification are as follows: Amazonite, Aragonite, Citrine, Ruby, Red Selenite, Green Tourmaline, Clear Tourmaline, Vanadenite, Variscite, Blanketflower, Evening Primrose, Staghorn Sumac, and Sunflower Essences. These essences are made so that the degree of vibration of the essence is compatible with the vibration of the individual from a very gentle vibration for people with chemical sensitivities to those who can absorb a normal rate of vibration.

Do You Need Supervision When Detoxifying?

All long term fasts require medical supervision. It's important to ensure that the individual who is fasting is taking in the necessary nutrients. A weekend fast normally does not require supervision, but a word of caution. If someone is quite toxic, e.g. has just quit smoking, or has just stopped taking a drug, they should not embark on any fast for detoxification purposes without medical supervision regardless of the duration.

Anyone who is detoxifying from addictive substances, including alcohol and drug addiction, must have medical supervision for a detoxification.

I highly recommend supervision when undertaking a detoxification with Choming Essences. This supervision includes assistance in selecting the most appropriate combination of essences for the individual, having essences which are individualized in strength, and ongoing information on the progress being achieved in the elimination of invaders, toxins and the rebalancing of organs and systems.

Symptoms During Detoxification:

There are many different symptoms which you can experience during a detoxification and cleansing process, especially within the first 10 -14 days of beginning such a program. These include increased fatigue, symptoms which resemble a cold or a flu, diarrhea, a headache, nervousness, sluggishness, irritability, and depression. These symptoms normally disappear after 10-14 days.

Water and juice fasts can produce a number of additional symptoms including, more severe headaches, fever/chills, extreme body coldness, and frequent urination. One frequent signal that you are detoxifying too quickly is that you will become abnormally cold in normal temperatures indoors or outdoors.

It's important to allow the body to detoxify slowly without putting it under high stress levels. It has usually taken a long time to accumulate toxins and sufficient time is required to conduct a safe and thorough detoxification and cleansing.

The Benefits of Detoxification:

  • Physical Benefits: The most important physical benefit of detoxification is improved and increased vitality and energy. Time and time again individuals who have completed a comprehensive detoxification program with Choming Essences have been amazed at the increase in their overall energy levels. Other physical benefits include a strengthened immune system that can fight off infectious bacteria or viruses and a revitalized lymphatic system which is capable of cleansing out toxins. Often food sensitivities diminish or disappear, and at times, weight loss can also result from a detoxification program.

  • Emotional/Mental Benefits: Detoxification eliminates blockages in the physical and energetic bodies. Once these blockages are released emotions which may have been held in by these blockages are released, so that an individual becomes aware of their presence and is able to process them out. Detoxification can also reduce or eliminate confusion and at times certain types of depression, can improve concentration and memory, and can help to shift negative thought processes.

  • Spiritual Benefits: The ultimate benefit of detoxification is the freedom to be the best you can be and to live your life with lots of vitality and high energy. Spirituality requires being at peace with yourself and the Universe and detoxification is one important part of moving towards this ultimate goal.

Alternative Healing Practices to Support Detoxification

Almost any form of energy enhancing treatment can support and increase the benefits of detoxification. This includes all types of energy work including massage, lymphatic drainage, colonics, Reiki, rebounding, more exercise, relaxation exercises, walking, yoga, meditation and aroma therapy, just to mention a few. I also recommend some therapy for those who find they are processing many emotions that have been released through the detoxification process.

What To Do After Detoxification Is Completed?

One of the most important sources of toxins in the human physical and energetic body is negative emotions. Most do not appreciate the enormous stress that ongoing and long-term negative emotions can have on our health. It's normal for every human being to experience anger, frustration, resentment, and fear at situations that occur as a part of normal living. These are normal, and can be dealt with and processed out. It's the ongoing and long-term negative emotions that are buried in the body that cause the serious problems. To deal with them one has to acknowledge the presence of these emotions, and to process them out. Illness can be created by these emotions when they remain with us repressed and frozen inside our bodies and energetic bodies, on a long-term basis.

Certain essences can help to clear out negative thought patterns and thought processes. The removal of toxins allows for one of the next potential steps of personal healing. But these benefits can be greatly enhanced and strengthened by using other Choming Essences, particularly for emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

The primary purpose of undertaking a detoxification is to become healthier. Only when we have cleansed ourselves physically can we work more intensely with the emotional and spiritual issues. The real underlying purpose for this personal work is to live in peace with ourselves and the rest of humanity, and to do the work which is part of our destiny.

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