Sources of Negative Energies:

Every thought, emotion, chemical, metal, gas, sound, color, planet, toxin, everything in this Universe is energy that is alive and intelligent.  Energies from these sources can be positive or negative.  Parasites, worms, viruses, infectious bacteria, candida overgrowth, other types of fungus and mold overgrowths can create negative energies within you.  Psychic attacks are flows of negative energy that can lodge in your body or energetic system around and in your body.  Entities and negative spirits are energies that create blockages in your auras, eventually weakening you and causing physical behavior problems. The earth itself releases negative and toxic energies at times that can have a serious effect on your health. 

Each individual can create negative energies within themselves through continued negative thinking, feeling, and behavior.   These self-created energies can lodge in the auras or energy systems in physical body. 

Once negative energies lodge within your physical and energetic bodies, they just sit there until they are released.  However they are alive and will create harm as long as they are lodged in your physical body or energy system.

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Effects of Negative Energies:

Negative energies can fill a room, an office, a car, and an individual.  They easily flip from one person’s aura into another person’s aura.  You can absorb  negative energies from others simply by being in a room, meeting or grocery store when those around you have negative energies within them.  Negative energies are all around us.   

Energy can be positive or life giving and enforcing, or it can be negative and harmful for humans.  The positive energies strengthen and energize you.  The negative energies create blockages in your auras, chakras and create fatigue, confusion, a slower pace of thinking and acting, depression, weaken you, and eventually create real physical illness. They create blockages in your inner energetic system called the meridian system. 

The process of ageing is accelerated through the accumulation of negative energies in your auras, meridian system, and all energy systems within you and around you.  Negative energies slow down your physical systems and energetic systems lowering the rates of vibration, which then allows other negative invaders to enter and stay in your body.  Keeping yourself free of negative energies will assist you in living a longer and happier life.

Psychic attack energy leaves holes and openings in your auras.  Holes in your auras make you feel threatened, mistrustful, uneasy, nervous, fearful, and physically drained and fatigued.  If you believe you have holes in your auras, ask an energy worker to close your auras so that they are tight and fully closed.

A Superior Method To Clear Negative Energies:

There are many different ways to clear negative energies.  Some of these methods require training while others can be done quite easily and can be used   regularly on a daily basis.   A method commonly used by energy workers uses the power of the mind to clear negative energies.  It is difficult to clear negative energies that are lodged within the physical body or aura with intent.  This requires intensive work, and much expertise.

One of the simplest, quickest, and surest ways of clearing many negative energies is to use Choming Negative Energy Spray Concentrates.  These spray concentrates are vibrational and are made from the vibrations of different gemstones.  The following are descriptions of the three different types of concentrates available today from  M.K.Projects.

Choming Black Obsidian Negative Energy Spray Concentrate:

This concentrate is made from the Black Obsidian stone, which is the solidified form of lava formed through a volcanic eruption.  This concentrate dissolves many different types of negative energy while allowing love and other energies to flow in and around you.  It is a powerful dissolver and cleanser of negative energies.  It is made from the vibration of the Black Obsidian stone, and its vibration can penetrate deeper than any solid element.  It can eliminate negative thought forms.  Negative spirits, entities and other negative intelligent energies cannot stay in this high vibration and will normally leave your body and your auras after you spray yourself with this spray.  It also gives some protection against new negative energies entering your body and energy systems in and around you.  It also helps you to become more grounded or present in the moment.  This is the Choming Negative Energy Spray Concentrate that I recommend for the majority.

The Black Obsidian Negative Spray Concentrate also comes in a gentle strength for those challenged with environmental, chemical and metal sensitivities since these people cannot tolerate the regular strength vibration.

Black Tourmaline Negative Energy Spray Concentrate: 

The Black Tourmaline Negative Energy Spray concentrate is made from the vibration of the Black Tourmaline gemstone, a stone that is know for its powerful protecting abilities.  It can eliminate negative thought forms, entities, spirits, and much other negative energy.  But where the Black Obsidian leaves you open to loving energies entering you, the Black Tourmaline is more protecting, keeping out many energies from entering you, and at times keeping out some loving energies as well.  It helps you feel more grounded and present in the moment.

It is recommended that people with environmental, chemical, and metal sensitivities not use the Black Tourmaline Spray Concentrate.

Amber Negative Energy Spray Concentrate: 

This spray concentrate is made from the Amber gemstone, a stone that represents the connection between the individual and the Universal Cosmic Energy.  Like the Black Obsidian and the Black Tourmaline, the Amber Spray Concentrate also dissolves the negative energies of negative thought forms, negative spirits and entities, and other types of negative energies.  It also brings a sense of being grounded or present in the moment rather than spaced out into yesterday or tomorrow.  It brings a sense of peace and comfort.  This Choming Negative Energy Spray Concentrate is much gentler than the Black Obsidian and the Black Tourmaline.  However, it is not as powerful at dissolving negative energies as the Black Obsidian or the Black Tourmaline.

How To Use Choming Negative Energy Spray Concentrates:

I strongly recommend that people spray themselves at least once daily with Choming Spray Concentrates, and preferably three or four times each day.  It’s simply to spray yourself after your shower in the morning or evening, making it a part of your regular routine.   Your spray all around you at least 8 – 12 good squirts to cover your auric area.  You should also spray directly on your physical body to help release any negative energy lodged in your physical body. 

There are negative energies in your homes, cars, and offices.  Your pets can be filled with negative energies.  Spray your home liberally on a weekly basis.  And be certain to spray high into the ceiling area since many negative energies have the tendency to rise and to sit just below the ceiling level in your homes. 

Choming Negative Energy Spray Concentrates are vibration, and vibration penetrates deep to eliminate negative energies, other than certain types of special clearings.  They will break down many of the negative energies in your auras, chakras if used over an extended period of time.  The energy in these Choming Spray Concentrates is such that it breaks down the negative energies creating blockages in your auras and systems.  The natural flow of energy within these systems will then flush these energies out of these systems.

Choming Spray Concentrates come in a 1.7 ounce size.  You mix 2 teaspoons with one cup of water in a spray bottle that can be closed.  This ensures that the high level of the vibration of this concentrate is maintained.   Spray your aura around you, spray your physical body, and spray your home, your car, and your office.  Spray yourself many times a day if that’s what feels right to you.  Trust your intuition on the frequency within any given day.

Special Clearings of Negative Energy Connections and Markings:

If you have been or are involved in serious disagreements, violence, or other types of highly charged negative emotional situations, you will doubtless have many different types of negative energies attached to you, negative energy programs connected to you, and etheric markings in your energy field.  If you are in an environment where drugs or alcohol have been used excessively you have been exposed to many negative entities and energies. 

Choming Negative Energy Spray Concentrates cannot disconnect or clear these types of programs and energies, and markings.  If you believe you have been under serious psychic attack, please contact me for a special clearing of all types of connections and markings. All consultations are fully confidential.

Special Warning:  Do not attempt to do special clearings for yourself or others unless you are quite experienced in this type of work.  Without meaning to, you can easily open energetic channels for additional negative energies to enter you, causing an even greater problem.  Be extremely careful.

What Choming Negative Spray Concentrates Cannot Do:

Choming Spray Concentrates do not eliminate buried/ repressed emotions, past life memories, or certain energies from chemicals and metals.  They do not eliminate etheric markings or many types of energetic connections and rays.  They do not affect in any way your guides or angels who are always around you.

Regarding metals and chemicals, they will eliminate some degree of these toxins, but that will depend on the degree of these metals and chemicals and the amount of usage of the Choming Spray Concentrates.  To eliminate metals and chemicals fully you must take Choming Essences for an extended period of time.  For more information on Choming Essences, please visit my website at

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