Introduction To Concepts and Definitions

Many terms are used today that relate to energy work including terms such as cosmic energy, energy signature, auras, chakras, energy blocks, meridian system, prana/ chi/ orgone, consciousness, the brain, the mind, psychics,  the Universal energy field, different levels of consciousness, mind/body health, tree energy, gem and crystal energy, the symbols of energy, and many more aspects of energy.  To help deepen people’s understanding of the world of energy, I will offer the following definitions and explanations of commonly used terms.   Until 10 - 15 years ago, discussion of energy concepts was limited to Eastern cultures and certain Western sub-cultures including mystics, philosophers, and intuitives.  Then North Americans and Europeans began to look at energy healing and its many forms, and modified Eastern practices to blend with Western technology, or developed new energy practices that began to be used in parallel with traditional medical healing practices.  This included Hands on Healing, healing with flower and gem essences, Reiki, acupuncture, homeopathy, and other forms of energy healing   There are hundreds of different explanations of energy terminology.  I have developed my understanding and the following descriptions through my experience in my Vibrational Healing Practice, the knowledge I have acquired through working with so many wonderful people,  and especially through the spirits and guides who have directed me and shown me how to proceed when human knowledge or advice could not help in a given situation.    For more detailed information on my work in vibrational healing please visit my website at .  



An aura is an energy field that surrounds, penetrates and extends out beyond the physical body, that is electro-magnetic, and that is made up of varying types of vibrations or frequencies.  An aura surrounds not only every living thing including humans, animals and plants, but also every inanimate thing such as rocks, all objects made by man, and the earth, sun, moon, and all planets in our Universe.  The aura has layers of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements.  It consists of a constant flow of energy.  Each person can contract and expand their aura at will.   Auras contain all the primary colors of the rainbow at any given time and change color depending on the emotion an individual is experiencing at any given moment.  Happy and loving thoughts expand your aura while sad or angry thoughts contract your aura.  Auras adjust depending on the density of population where you live.  Residents of New York City have tighter auras in comparison to residents living in sparsely populated rural areas.   Our auras are made up of may colors and many shades of colors that are constantly changing.  This reflects the constant change in our thoughts and emotions.  Bright colors represent healthy areas in your aura, while muddy colors represent lower and disturbed energy vibrations.   As part of a Vibrational Assessment ( please see my website at for detailed information) I provide readings on the degree of blockages in auras and chakras in addition to identifying if the chakras are distorted or the auras have holes in them.  When reading children who have severe forms of cerebral palsy, I have found they do not have the emotional or mental levels of the aura.  They have the etheric aura and an  spiritual aura only.    It’s quite an amazing observation.  Auras require regular maintenance and cleansing to ensure they remain clear of negative energies and entities.  Without a clear aura, vibrant health is difficult to achieve and maintain.  I believe that it’s the aura and the light body ( defined later) combined that constitute what we call the “soul”  that goes on into infinity after the physical body dies and turns to dust.  


The brain neither thinks or knows.  It has no intelligence.  It is but a storehouse of recorded sensations that “remembers” these records as man needs them.  It’s a big data base.  The brain operates all mechanisms of the body.  It is a central switchboard for all its instinctive, voluntary and involuntary actions.  The brain is the seat of sensation.  It keeps the body electrically informed of the condition of the body, through electrical messages.  These messages are not mental.  They are purely electrical.   It has a powerful magnetic system that connects allmagnetic systems within the body, in the meridian system, the chakras, the nervous system, and the surrounding and penetrating auras.  Illnesses such as Alzheimer show malfunctions with the magneticsystem in the brain and connecting magnetic systems in the body.

The brain can be easily compared to a computer where the memory of experience is stored, like a data bank for information retrieval.   The brain is an electrical recorder, distributor, broadcaster and receiver for all the operational parts of that multi-celled machine (our body), but its actions have no relation to intelligence. ( The Secret of Light by Walter Russell)  


Chakra is an Indian Sanskrit word that translates to mean “Wheel of Spinning Energy”.  Chakras are spinning wheels of energy of different color that perform many functions connecting our energy fields, bodies and the Cosmic Energy Field.  Chakras are powerful electrical and magnetic fields.  Chakras govern the endocrine system that in turn regulates all of the body’s functions including the ageing process.  Energy flows from the Universal Energy Field through the chakras into the energy systems within our bodies, including the Meridian System.    Our bodies contain seven major chakras or energy centers and 122 minor chakras.  The major chakras are located at the base of the spine (Root Chakra), at the navel (Sacral Chakra), in the solar plexus (Solar Plexus Chakra), within your heart (Heart Chakra), within the throat (Throat Chakra),  at the center of your forehead (Brow or Third Eye Chakra), and at the top of your head (Crown Chakra).  These chakras are linked together.   The chakras serve as linking mechanisms between the auric field and the meridian system within the physical body.  They also link different levels of the auric fields and cosmic forces.  They affect the flow of energy that has a real effect the physical body.   They absorb primary energy from the atmosphere (called chi, prana, orgone) and send it along energy channels.  I think of chakras as energy transformers.   Chakras can become unbalanced, can spin too fast or too slow, can become distorted in shape, or they can become blocked with negative energies.  Chakras can be adjusted, activated or de-activated by the very concentrated power of thought.    However, they can never be “closed” although you will hear certain people make statements such as “your chakras are shut down or closed”.  If your chakras shut down believe me you have left this planet.  They can never be closed or shut down completely but the degree of openness and speed of each chakra can vary substantially.   Since the functioning of chakras directly affect the endocrine system and the slowing of these systems represents the ageing process,  it’s important to keep the chakras functioning at an optimum rate to ensure a slow ageing process and a long and vibrantly healthy life.  

Consciousness  -  Three levels

I would like to begin this section by saying there are many complex and varied definitions of the different levels of consciousness.  The following definitions are stated quite simply so that the average person can begin to understand the different levels, and hopefully in the future, learn how to use this knowledge to shift their thoughts, feelings, creativity, behavior, and many other possibilities.   None of these levels of consciousness reside in the brain.  As I stated earlier, the brain has no intelligence.  It is basically a storehouse, a recorder, a processor, a distributor, a receiver, a broadcaster.   It’s actions have no relationship to intelligence.

The  Conscious Level:  The conscious level or what is so often called the conscious mind is that portion of consciousness which weighs and analyzes the inputs and facts available to it to make decisions based on these facts and inputs.  It is the only part of the mind that we can directly control.  The process of decision-making also includes attention, intent, choosing, interpretation and doubting.   The decisions the conscious mind makes can be quite flawed depending on the scope and quality of fact and inputs available to it.  One of the key areas of decision-making is where to place attention, since this involves setting a hierarchy of priorities for attention.   Inputs to the conscious mind come from the five physical senses of seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, touching and taste.  These are the senses dealing with the “physical” aspects and they are limited and can never sense the complete picture.  The conscious mind takes these inputs from the senses and evaluates, analyzes, judges, doubts, and thinks about the elements of information from the senses.  It then makes decisions based on the analysis.  Fear is generated in the conscious mind.   The primary focus of the conscious mind is order.   It’s most important to understand that the conscious mind does not create anything in any manner, nor does it come up with any new ideas.  It simply takes the imputs and puts these facts through a process to come up with a recommendation.  As you can imagine this decision or recommendation can very often be a very flawed decision.   The conscious mind resides in the physical body and the energetic body surrounding each person.  

The Subconscious Level:  This level or what is often called the subconscious mind is the area of what we call the mind where all emotions and feelings reside.  The memory resides in the subconscious mind.  All feelings reside in the subconscious mind, ranging from love, joy, trust, tenderness, appreciation, caring, to hate, greed, fear, lonely, just to name a few.  The subconscious mind remembers everything.   Emotions are triggered by memories, memories are the one and only source of emotions or what we often call feelings.  Emotions are energy reactions set off by memory patterns.  The memories triggering emotions in today can be from this life or past lives since we bring past life memories with us into each lifetime.   The subconscious mind is also the area that provides us with protection from trauma and other experiences in life that create emotional overloads.  It only allows those emotions to surface to the conscious mind that can be dealt with, blocking other emotions that would be considered as overload.  Certain types of depression or a blocked memory of certain life experiences provide this type of protection against an overload of emotions.  Excessive emotional overloads cause depression.   You can create “future” memories in the subconscious through imagination, or what is often called daydreaming.   When you daydream, pore breath, breath with deep intention, or other forms of imagination, you are creating memories in your subconscious.  The subconscious views a memory of something that happened and something you imagines in exactly the same manner.    The subconscious mind is governed by the conscious mind.  This means that the subconscious mind will act on whatever direction is given to it by the conscious mind.  This is where the world of “visualization” and “intent” has originated.  The process of visualizing or putting intent into your subconscious mind by your conscious mind, will directly effect your thoughts and then of course your behavior.  However, this process of visualization or intent is not a simple matter of painting a picture in your mind and then expecting it to happen.  It can be quite a complex initiative that involves using all your senses.  Another approach used to seed the subconscious is called pore breathing and can be extremely effective as well.      The subconscious mind does not make decisions, but it has a major influence on the decisions made by the conscious mind.  The conscious mind will request information or guidance from the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is the conduit to the Superconscious Mind.  It is a gateway to abundance, vibrant health, and loving people and experiences in our lives.   The subconscious mind is also a communications center.  It communicates with the conscious mind and the superconscious mind.  The conscious mind cannot communicate with the conscious mind, but only through the subconscious.   The subconscious mind exists in the mental aura surrounding and penetrating your physical body. 

The Superconscious Level:  The Superconscious Level or what is often called the Superconscious Mind is the level that possesses infinite intelligence and all creative power.  It is part of the Cosmic Intelligence.  Everything is known in the Superconscious Mind and its intelligence is truly infinite.   It is in the Superconscious Mind that all creativity and originality begins.  It is the part of you that goes on forever, after you have left Mother Earth and moved to other dimensions.  The Superconscious Mind is what gives inspiration, insight, those special moments of knowing, and many abilities called psychic or mystical abilities.  It is the part of you that connects with the powers of other dimensions.   When we let go completely of the conscious mind and ask and believe that an answer will be given, it is guaranteed that it will come from the Superconscious Mind.  The answer will travel through the subconscious mind to the conscious mind, and memory will be generated through the experience for future requests, making future requests easier and easier.   You can develop the habit of asking your Superconscious Mind for answers to things that have puzzled you for many years.  Many an executive has learned to mediate and  go to their subconscious with a question and request for information when retiring, asking for special guidance or information, only to wake up the next day or the following day with ideas and answers they had not been able to obtain through their logical conscious mind.    The Superconscious Mind exists in the aura surrounding and penetrating your body as well as the Light Body which is the broader light body that extends far beyond the aura.  

Cosmic/ Universal Energy Field

The Cosmic or Universal Energy Field is called many different names, including the Universal Mind, the Collective Consciousness, the Akasha, or the Universal Body.  This the energy of the entire Universe that connects the earth, all planets, all stars,  the entire cosmos, all people, plants and animals, all beings on all planets.  It links everyone and everything, past, present and future.  It can be compared to a huge energetic spider web that joins everyone and everything.  The Creator of the Universe is the center and soul of this Cosmic Energy Field.   In the Cosmic Energy Field, everything is constantly seeking to be in balance.  Instability seeks stability.  Inhaling is balanced by exhaling.   Wakefulness is balanced by sleep.  Natural electricity is balance by natural magnetism.  Death is balanced by life itself.  This is the wellspring of knowledge that provides us with the information, insight and wisdom we receive.  You can call this knowledge intuition, knowing, or by many other names.  


Dowsing is the art of using different systems in the body and energy field to detect what are called subtle energies in order to obtain different types of information.  This information can relate to the inner functioning or an persons organs and systems, their emotional states, the presence of negative energies, earth energy grids, water, minerals, missing persons or objects and many other types of information.   Often simple tools such as pendulums or dowsing rods are used to obtain this information, but a person can read the subtle energies with his mind or other parts of his body and does not necessarily have to employ an external tool.   Dowsing is the ability to connect with a Natural Sensitivity which enables us to connect with energy vibrations and to read subtle energies to know things we cannot know by the use of our everyday brain, our personal experiences, or through using the five physical senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching or tasting.   Dowsing is often carried out at a distance and the distance has no bearing on the results; it can be carried out on someone or something in the next room or on someone or something on a different continent.  This is called distance dowsing.  An experienced dowser can read an individual at a distance using only their full name and birth date.  An experienced dowser can locate many pieces of information by reading a location on a map.   Distance Dowsing is often used in the area of health to identify the causes of and the remedies for different physical, emotional, mental/intellectual, psychic and spiritual issues.  This can provide information that is much more detailed that any technical test can provide.  

Distance Dowsing

Mother Earth and each planet and element in the Universe has its own energy network that surrounds it.  They can be easily compared to spider webs that are all joined.  Mother Earth has many places where energy is stronger and concentrated and these points are also called vortexes of energy.  Sedona and Tibet are famous for their special energy vortexes.  There are lines of energy that join these vortexes around our planet and these lines of energy are often called ley lines.  This is a vibratory network around Mother Earth and one that connects everything vibrationally in the entire Universe.  Each human, animal, plant, mineral, gem or whatever on each planet is linked energetically with vibration to the Universal Energy Network.   Distance dowsing uses the ability of an individual to connect with the Universal energy grid and to read this grid for the information requested.   

Earth Energies

There are many powerful energies within Mother Earth and around Mother earth.  The earth is filled with minerals, metals, crystals, gems, lava, water, and many powerful elements that act together to produce energy.  This energy directly affects everything that lives on our planet.   On Mother Earth, there are thousands of points of high energy called vortexes that are joined by energy lines called ley lines.  This energy system is a major conductor of energies around the earth as well as a conductor of energetic messages to the Entire Universe.   The earth is also surrounded by various energy grids that can seriously affect each one of us.  Two of these major grids are called the Hartman Grid and the Curry Grid.   Each planet in the Universe has its own energy system of vortexes, leylines, and surrounding energy.  The energies of the planets in our Universe affect Mother earth directly and so affect each person and thing living on Mother Earth.    

Energy Field

The energy field is the electro-magnetic energy that surrounds and penetrates the physical body, including the auras, the chakras, the meridian system and all electro-magnetic energy flowing through and around the physical body.  All humans, animals, plants, gems, crystals, rocks, have energy fields.  All natural inanimate or man-made objects also have an energy field that surrounds and penetrates them.

Energy Signature

An energy signature is simply the energy field around a person or thing.  Just as each human being has a set of fingerprints that is unique to them, so does each human being have an energy signature that is also unique unto them.  Just as no two sets of fingerprints are the same, no two energy fields are the same, each being completely unique unto that person or thing.  A dowser like myself can use your full and complete name and can tap into your energy field and read a variety of things about you, based on connecting with your totally individual energy signature.  

Energy Blockages

Energy blockages can occur anywhere in the energy system including the auras, chakras, meridian system, or any channel or point used by the physical or energetic body to move energy.  These blockages can be caused my many things including negative thoughts, negative thought forms, emotions that have been repressed and are lodged in the energetic body, entities, spirits, spells, negative energy, psychic attack energies, past life memories, and all types of toxins.  Energy blockages can occur in the auras, chakras, the meridian system, and throughout the physical body.  An energy block reduces the flow of energy creating many different symptoms including fatigue, low vitality, confusion, slow thinking, lack in clarity of thought, depression, poor memory and a variety of other symptoms.  

Gem and Crystal Energy

Crystals and gems have such enormous energetic properties and benefits that it’s impossible to provide a summary in one small section.  I will just say that gems and crystals have an entire spirit population that looks after them, represents them, and communicates with humans, if we will take the time to visit with them.  I make a group of essences called Choming Essences and with each essence I make I meditate and ask the spirits of the gem I’m working with to tell me a story about that specific gem.  The gem people always act out a little play for me, such a symbolic process.  I often have to ask for a second play to help me understand their message more fully.  Gem and crystal spirits are joyful, loving, playful and helpful.  It simply reflects the true healing energy contained within each and every one of them.  

Healing With Intention

This term refers to the process where we can affect physical changes within us or within others by placing intention into ourselves, our food, our environment by placing a deliberate intention into ourselves, our food etc.  One method of placing intention into ourselves is through our breathing process with our lungs or through what is called pore breathing.  Pore breathing is an exercise of intention where you inhale through every pore/cell in your body  with a specific intention and then move this energy down through your body completely.  

Light Body

This is an extended body of energy or light that extends approximately 50 feet in diameter around each human being.  It is here that the memory of past lives and future lives is contained and linked to the Akasha Records which contain the memory of everything from all times.  It’s a multi-dimensional body of light that has space/time implications, linking you to all dimensions and all Universal memory.    I believe that it’s the aura and the light body combined that constitute what we call the “soul” that goes on into infinity after the physical body dies and turns to dust.  


Mantras are sounds, vowel sounds, words or phrases recited in a repetitious manner to affect the physical, emotional, intellectual/mental and spiritual aspects of the individual reciting the manner or of the individual to whom the mantra is dedicated.  A mantra repeated sufficiently can shift a thought or concept into the subconscious level of the mind.   Mantras are energy vibrations of repeated sounds.  They can be whispered or said in thought only.  The most effective for inner healing are those said in the mind and not verbalized.  Mantras can take the forms of prayers, poems, hymns, incantations, or the uttering of sacred phrases and sounds.  Mantras are common in Hinduism and Buddhism but are also found in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.   Mantras are usually recited in the western world to balance, activate and invigorate the body’s chakras that in turn activate and invigorate the endocrine system that is responsible for the ageing process in the human body.    In the east, mantras are used during meditation to improve aspects of a persons life, to solve a problem, to improve a situation or quality, or for a variety of reasons.  In the east a mantra is normally repeated 108 times each day for a 40 day period to obtain the cumulative effect of the mantra.  This 40 day period is called a sadhana.    

Meridian System

This is a transportation system that distributes prana or chi through the body.  It is composed of electro-magnetic, magnetic and electric channels in the body that carry energy from the chakras and from our breathing process throughout the entire body, including all the cells, organs, glands, and systems of the body.  The meridian system is at times referred to as the acupuncture system.    The Meridian System consists of more than 400 acupuncture points and 20 meridians or channels connecting some of the points.  There is also a direct relationship between the Meridian System and the Nervous System.  


Under the definition for Consciousness, I earlier provided definitions for the terms Conscious Level, Subconscious Level, and Superconscious Level.  The following is simply an overview or summary definition of the term mind, as it’s used today.   Valerie Hunt in her book The Infinite Mind, states the following.  “ The mind cannot be explained in a material framework.  Mind has energy since it causes things to happen.  Many of the experiences that we casually attribute to the mind are clearly brain functions:  reflexes and responses to material reality that are recorded in and recovered from the brain.  Other experiences and capacities such as thought, insight, imagination, and soul, seem to be properties of the higher mind.  The mind is more a field reality, a quantum reality, or a particle reality.”   “ We already know that the mind is capable of energizing and communicating with matter, including the brain, the body, and other material things.”   “ Yes, I believe the mind is infinite; it can be everywhere.  The “Mind of the Universe” may be more than a metaphor.  The human mind, if it wills, could have distinct contact with other fields.”   These statements simply touch upon the absolute consciousness that is contained in each mind in the Universe.  However all elements of nature,  including the plant world, the animal world, and the inanimate world, also are able to communicate with each other and the Universe as a whole.    The mind is found in the mental layer of the aura and is not to be confused with the brain.  Since all levels of the auras penetrate the body, the mind resides not only in the energy field but also in every cell of our being.  We often hear the term “cellular memory” which refers specifically to the memory contained in each cell of our bodies and that refers to the conscious level of the mind.   

Negative Energies

Every thought you have has energy and this is often called a thought-form.  The more energy you give your thoughts the stronger the thought-form resulting from that thought.  You can intentionally create thought-forms at will.  One exercise often given in a dowsing class is to have one person leave the room.  In their absence the group is asked to imagine a wall three feet high and five feet long.  They decide upon the dimensions of this wall.  The other dowser then returns and is asked to find the wall constructed by those in the room and 100% of the time the individual finds the wall.  This is a good example of how a thought form can be created.  A thought form can remain in its energetic state for a very long period of time.   Negative energies result from negative thoughts and emotions.  Think of the tension you feel in a room when people are arguing or fighting.  It’s the negative energy you are sensing.  These negative energies can end up in your aura and also in your body eventually creating physical illness within you.  Negative energies can easily jump from one person to another person.   In his books “Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings” and “Healing the Heart of the Earth” the author Marko Pogacnik describes many parts of the earth he has worked with to clear the negative energies that have developed in many areas.  Wars, fights, violence, all create lasting negative energies in the earth and environment where  the violence occurred.  Pollution, chemical and metal poisons create negative energies in and around Mother Earth and now in space as well.  These negative energies can be cleared and the areas rebalanced.  But we need to learn and understand more fully the implications of these negative energies.   An extreme negative thought form is often considered to be a negative psychic energy, spell, or hex, especially if it’s delivered with extreme emotion or very strong intention.    

Mind/ Body Health

This is a concept based on the idea that emotions, thoughts and beliefs are directly related to physical health, in fact that they are the primary cause of all types of illness.  It’s a term often used to describe using the power of the mind to effect healing in our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social lives.  Since our “mind” is found in each cell of our body as well as the electro-magnetic energy field around and penetrating our body, it’s reasonable to use the mind to activate and effect healing within us. 

It refers to the use of “intention”, either consciously or unconsciously, to stimulate healing.  It requires connecting our personal energy field with the cosmic energy field of the Universe. 


A mystic is someone who deals with ancient wisdom, spiritual knowledge, higher truths and concepts, and knowledge far beyond what can be considered to be part of our earthly or physical and material world of today, yesterday or tomorrow.   This term normally refers to those who can transmute themselves, others, things, time, space, can be in two places at the same time, can shape shift, can live much longer than the average person, and can literally use their prana as means of healing serious illness in others.  

Nadis and Kundalini

Nadis is a yoga term that is used to describe the channels or conduits that are used to move pranic life force energy through the body.  They are the equivalent of the Meridian System.  There are thousands of nadis in the body, fourteen of which are considered to be principle, and three of these 14 the most important.  One of the great nadi has a hollow interior passage which is the channel for the movement of Kundalini.    Kundalini is the great reservoir of creative energy at the base of the spine.  It is the very foundation of our consciousness so that when Kundalini moves through our bodies our consciousness necessarily changes with it.  It can also be thought of as a rich source of psychic and libidinous energy.  When this energy is awakened or brought out of its latent state, it causes us to have new psychic abilities, among other things.  

Prana/ Chi/ Orgone

These terms are used by different groups but all refer to the same thing.  They represent the nutritive energy of the Universe found in the atmosphere around us that we absorb through breathing, and through our auras and chakras.  There are many people today who can see the prana in the air with their eyes in real terms.  Prana can be absorbed through breathing through the lungs or through what is called “pore breathing”, that is breathing through every cell of our bodies.  

Plant and Flower Energy

Each plant and each part of a plant has its own unique energy.  Each part of a plant contains different types of energy, from the roots, to the stem and leaves, to the buds and flowers.  Plant energy can be harnessed in many ways.  Herbal tinctures are made by transferring the healing properties of plants into alcohol through a process of concentrated energetic transference, through the sun, heat or other methods.  These herbal tinctures can have enormous healing powers for humans, in fact most chemical drugs produced today attempt to imitate a quality found in nature in a plant or tree.    A plant will have a different energy in the morning, at noon, and in the evening.  It’s important to understand the complexity of the energies of plants when working with them.   Choming Essences are made by lifting the vibrations from different plants, grasses, trees, flowers, manipulating those energies, and bottling this energy by locking the vibration into water with a bit of alcohol.  Healing with vibration is the deepest and most powerful modality of healing that exists today.  To learn more about vibrational healing, please visit my website at  


Psychic abilities are often defined by using three terms, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient.  These terms refer to the ability to “see”, “hear” and to “Know”.  A psychic is someone who makes statements or predictions about people, things, but primarily about the material or physical world.  This refers to skills that allow someone to see what might have happen in the past or might happen in the future, someone who hears messages from other dimensions, who can smells aura and use the sense of smell to know things about people, situations, or issues, or someone who just feels or knows things.  This is done without any tangible everyday knowing or the use of the normal five physical senses of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, or tasting.  

Spiral Energy

Everything is energy vibrating in a pattern.  The pattern and density of the energy decides how an energy will manifest itself in form.  The spiral is an energy symbol of the repetitive rhythm of life that is open and optimistic.  It represents eternity, the cyclical nature of evolution, goes on forever, turns on itself, expands and contracts, and has no beginning or end.  All vortex energy is spiral energy.  Nature in its very movement, be it the broader Universe, or Mother Earth, is spiral in its most inherent nature.  The motion at the outer edge of a spiral is wide and slow whereas, the motion towards the center of a spiral is narrow and fast.  The spiral or vortex can symbolize us as life eternal, without a beginning or an end.   Each one of us has within us a cyclic rhythm that is integrated with the rhythms of the Cosmos.  Our integration with the rhythms of the moon is part of the broader spiral energy of the Universe.    The celestial planets of the Universe function within a broader spiral and each one of us makes an entire revolution around the Cosmos approximately every 28 years.  If you check carefully you will find a major milestone in life happening within one or two years of this major junction in your spiral cosmological life.  

Symbols of Energy – The Circle and Triangle

The two most basic patterns of energy in on our planet are circles and triangles, curved and straight lines.  Circular shapes and triangular shapes can be used to relax and stimulate, have direct effects on our energy. 

Circle Energy:  A circle is an expanded dot that represents perfection.  It represents completeness and freedom from separation.  Circle energy is without a beginning or an end, representing infinity.  For me the circle represents the very center of the soul of the Universe, mankind as a whole, and each human being.   Each human life begins with one cell, a circle that in turn splits and multiplies into other circles.    A Circle generates an energy that relaxes, and is conducive to contemplating, thinking, meditating.  If you want to relax, sit in a circle, or put something circular in your window and gaze through the circle.  But it’s important to place your attention on the circle to get the full relaxing benefit of the circle.

Triangle Energy:  The triangle produces stimulating energy.  It enhances more active mental energy, physical activity, a stimulating effect.  Make yourself a triangle and sit or stand under this triangle.  You will become quickly stimulated.  But as with the circle, you must place your attention on the triangle to get the full energizing benefit of this energy shape.   The shape foundation of the pyramids in Egypt is the triangle and the pyramids represent triangular energy and the higher levels of what this energy can do.  The triangles have more than three sides and have very specific mathematical calculations, but they are definitely triangular energy.  This energy draws very specific and powerful energies to earth from the Universe and that triangles with more than three sides draw down energy more powerful than three sided triangles.   The Egyptians were masters as manipulating energy for many different purposes.  


Toning is a process of using the vibration of sound of vowels with the purpose to create healing within you or others in the Universe.   It is believed that toning releases emotional, physical and mental energy that has stagnated and rested within the body and aura.  It is also believed that toning, particularly when done by a group of people together, helps the individuals in the group to get in touch with their inner emotions.   Toning is one of the basic ways of healing with sound vibration.  

Tree Energy

Trees have an energy that has enormous impact on our planet and each human living on our planet.  Trees breathe into the Universe.  They inhale and exhale.  Their breathing has a dual function, they bring energy with their inhalation and they cleanse toxins from the earth with their exhalation.  Humans breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.  Trees breathe in carbon dioxide.  This is only one example of the deep and integrated relationship of human being and trees.   Trees have amazing personalities.  Take the time to sit and talk with a tree and you will be amazed at what you will hear them say.  Some are more masculine in quality and others are more feminine.  Each tree on this planet has major healing properties for all human beings.  Trees love it when a person takes the time to talk to them and to honor the work that they do for us.  Take time to thank the trees on Mother Earth for all that they do for us.


A vibration is the motion of an electromagnetic field.  There is a law of vibration upon the molecular level that means as vibrations or motions become denser they become visible to our eyes.  That means that the physical body of the person or an object has a denser vibration than something not readily visible to everyone.   A room may be filled with objects such as a chair or table that appear to be still and at rest, which in reality are just dense molecules vibrating at incredible speeds.

In “The Secret of Light” Walter Russell states;  “ When man sees the light of the sun he believes that he is actually seeing light.  However, the nerves of his eyes are but “feeling” the intense, rapid, shortwave vibrations of the kind of wave motion.”   “ Man is so accustomed to the idea that he actually sees light in various intensities illuminating various substances ….. that it is difficult for him to realize that his own senses are but acting as mirrors to reflect various intensities of wave motion or vibration.” 

Everything in this Universe is in constant motion, and is always seeking to find constant balance.  The movement of everything in the Universe is what we call vibration.

With Love and Caring,

Mary Kurus
Vibrational Consultant

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