Food Sensitivities or Food Allergies

Food sensitivities exist when an individual experiences difficulty in the digestion of specific foods or certain groupings of foods. Food allergies exist when an individual's immune system reacts negatively to a food or liquid causing swelling, difficulty in breathing, wheezing, itching, rashes, or flushing of the skin soon after eating a food.

The symptoms of food sensitivities and allergies are quite different. A food allergy normally causes a quick and obvious reaction, such as swelling, rashes or difficulty in breathing. The symptoms of food sensitivities are not as immediate or obvious as those of food allergies. The following are just a few examples: fatigue, lethargy, needing to sleep after you have eaten; mood swings, depression, restlessness, headaches, migraines, joint pain, gas, bloating, and indigestion. A comprehensive list of potential causes and symptoms is provided later in this article.

The medical profession is quite knowledgeable concerning food allergies and is continuously upgrading its ability to test for food allergies. Technical testing for food sensitivities is much more limited. Most physicians do not have a good understanding of food sensitivities and are unable to help their patients deal with this issue.

Individuals plagued by nagging health problems that cannot be diagnosed or that do not respond to normal therapy, should investigate with great care the possibility of food sensitivities since these could be creating serious difficulties with their health. Many a woman is told it's all in your head, or it's simply menopause. Young people are often told they are lacking in ambition or that they are just plain lazy. Older people are told they should not expect vibrant health. Please do not accept these types of comments. Find a health practitioner who understands food sensitivities and who can help you identify if this is one of the causes of your health problems.

Causes of Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivities can be caused by many different factors. The following are a few of the major causes creating this difficulty with your health and vital energy.

1) The Nature of the Food Industry

The production, distribution and sale of food today is part of a trillion dollar industry around the world. This is called globalization. Foods are grown in one place, picked while still green, shipped to another place where they are partially or fully processed and packaged, and then trucked or flown to stores to be sold to the general public. The foods we buy appear ripe but their chemistry is different than if the foods had been picked after they had fully ripened under the sun. This chemical change can create food sensitivities within us.

Chemicals that are not legal for use in the country where the food is being sold are being used in countries where the food is being grown or processed. The result is that many foods being consumed are filled with chemicals and preservatives we know are harmful to an individual's health.

2) Food Additives and Preservatives

Many additives are used to maintain the look of freshness of the food we purchase, for cosmetic appeal, to increase the shelf-life of the food, and to enhance the flavor of the food. The term Food Additive in the USA actually covers over 5000 chemicals added to food products for a variety of reasons including: coloring; flavoring; preserving; thickening; emulsifying; and bleaching. In 1973, food additives were linked by Dr. Benjamin Feingold to learning and behavior difficulties in children. Even so, the food industry has continued to increase the types and quantity of food additives used in the manufacture of food today. Chemicals are poisonous to our bodies, affect the chemical systems in our bodies which in turn creates food sensitivities.

3) Parasitic Infections and Candida

Many people today are seriously infected with different parasites. I use the term parasite to describe the full range of infections caused by parasites, worms, viruses and infections bacteria. These parasites affect the functioning of the immune system since it tries so hard to eliminate these infections. As a result the immune system weakens and weakens. Then to make things more difficult for our bodies, we take antibiotics which are suppose to eliminate the parasites. They can at times eliminate the parasites but are unable to eliminate the reproductive cells dropped in the body by the parasites that are called spores. That is why so often a parasitic infection keeps coming back over and over again and you find yourself with ongoing parasite infections.

Then with a new problem called a candida overgrowth develops as a result of the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are unable to discriminate between good and bad bacteria and therefore eliminate all bacteria growing within you. This creates a large empty space in your intestines that is filled in with a candida fungus overgrowth which spreads to fill the empty spaces. This candida then spreads throughout your body, into your joints, muscles, the membrane in and around your brain, affecting you physically, mentally and intellectually, and emotionally. So now you have problems of parasites and candida.

This in turn affects many of your organs and systems. It affects your immune system weakening it continuously. It creates chemical imbalances in your chemical system. It leaves you vulnerable to catch many of the infectious bacteria and viruses and you end up with many colds, the flu and then begin to suffer certain types ailments nobody seems able to diagnose, often feeling so fatigued and listless, with swollen and painful joints and muscles. Many other systems are unbalanced by the parasitic infections. Parasites damage the organs they are living in and drop toxins or poisons into your system every day they live within you.

The presence of parasites and their toxins changes the chemical system within your body and you then have a chemical imbalance. Then you begin to have difficulty digesting many different foods as well as absorbing the nutrients from the food you are eating. You have developed what is called food sensitivities to many foods. Your food sensitivities increase in types and intensity and you experience poorer and poorer health. It's a pretty ugly cycle.

4) Metal, Chemical and Atomic Poisons

Certain people are quite sensitive to metals and chemicals and hold metal, chemical and atomic poisons in their physical and energetic bodies. Infants are exposed to chemicals and metals in hospitals or in the past through vaccinations, and begin life with metal and chemical toxins in their bodies. Individuals exposed to atomic poisons can carry these poisons in their bodies for a lifetime. These poisons unbalance the inner working of your physical and energetic bodies and create serious food sensitivities, or a difficulty digesting many foods.

5) Spirit and Vibrant Health

Each one of us is made of body, mind, emotion and spirit and you cannot separate the body from the mind, emotions or spirit. Like most modern illnesses with modern day symptoms such fatigue, depression, aching joints and muscles, migraines, asthma, lupus, different types bowel diseases, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, the causes are often complex and are of a variety of origins including the spirit, mind and emotions.

Each of us is a spirit experiencing a human life. You can take your emotions out and look at them, you can take your thoughts out and look at them, you can experience many physical feelings or sensations, but you cannot take your spirit out and look at it. It is what you come into life with and what is ongoing after you have died. Spirit is the center of your soul and is the very essence of you that goes on forever.

We tend to compartmentalize the cause of illness. Books and articles are written today about body/ mind connection, our emotions, or just our bodies. Little is written about us as spirits in a way that helps us understand that we are spirit.

There are many schools of thought on the relationship of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Certain people claim that you can eliminate all physical illness by adjusting your emotions and thinking. Others believe that you can heal all your physical difficulties with your mind and intention without any change in your emotional or spiritual lives. We are integrated beings and need to address all aspects including physical emotional, mental/intellectual and spiritual needs to have long-term vibrant health.

Few today write about how we are spirits living a human experience. As spirits we need to nourish our spirit selves as well as our physical, emotional, and mental/intellectual selves, to be able to maintain a high vibration and excellent health. A high vibration reflects excellent vibrant health and a low vibration reflects poor health. We need to each find our way to connect with that Power of the Universe. And we need to find a way to worship this Power and go there for guidance and strength. This is as essential as eating good organic food, eliminating all parasites and candida, cleansing out buried emotions, and revitalizing our minds (which exist in our auras or energetic fields) and our brains. All of this is required for long-term vibrant health.

6) Mind / Emotions/ Body

 Your behavior is directly linked to your thoughts and emotions. That means that if you think negatively, feel negatively, your behavior will also be quite negative. If you think, feel and behave positively, your behavior will be primarily positive as well. Your thoughts, emotions and behavior can come from only two primary sources - they come from love or from fear. Your thoughts and emotions are either fear based or love based. Love based thoughts and emotions produce loving behavior. Fear based thoughts and emotions produce fear based behavior. Those full of fear will attract fear. Those full of love will attract love. It is simple to discuss the concept of living from love but it takes much time to learn how to live a life full of love in abundance.

Medical science has now been able to identify the different types of chemical reactions your body produces when you feel afraid or when you feel love and caring. The glands in your endocrine system respond very differently if your emotions are loving or fearful. The chemistry in your body is different when you laugh and smile than when you frown and cry. Needless to say they have found that thoughts feelings and behavior that are fear based produce difficult physical stresses for the body. And this stress takes away from vibrant energetic life.

We are born with a full range of emotions that include joy and peace, anger and hate (an emotion we all experience), grief and bitterness, caring and love, just to give a few examples. And we need to own our emotions so they can transmute. Problems occur when people deny their emotions and pretend they are not present. This is called burying emotions. It's a proven fact that emotions that are not felt and owned get buried " ALIVE " in the body or energetic body. Their buried presence affects how the chemistry of our bodies works. The physical and energetic imbalances created by our emotions can lead to food sensitivities, as well as many other illnesses.

Types of Foods Oftentimes Difficult To Digest

Some of the most common foods that create health difficulties and digestive problems are as follows: wheat; Durham wheat; cow's milk; goat's milk; cheese; chicken (grown with antibiotics and hormones) - (organic chicken is often fine); mussels; shrimp; prawns; peanuts; walnuts; the majority of fruits; all sugars including white, brown, and fructose; all sugary dessert types of food; potatoes; corn; yeast; all yeast based foods; all refined carbohydrates including white flour foods, crackers, noodles and cereals; foods with mold; and many spices and herbs ( varying with the individual); and aspartame.

Symptoms of Food Sensitivities

The symptoms associated with food sensitivities are very broad. The following are some of the major symptoms: fatigue; lethargy; needing to sleep after you have eaten; drowsiness; poor memory; poor concentration; mental agitation; mood swings; compulsive eating; food cravings; sugar craving; carbohydrate and starch cravings; water retention; weight problems; mood swings; depression; restlessness; irritability; headaches; migraines; swollen and painful joints; muscle pain; stiffness; gas; bloating; flatulence; indigestion; heartburn; constipation; blurry eyes; spots in front of eyes; restless sleep; broken sleep.

Illnesses Associated With Food Sensitivities

Many illnesses experienced by children and adults are associated today with food sensitivities. The following are a number of food sensitivity associated illnesses: anxiety; arthritis; asthma; depression; irritability; acne; fatigue; chronic fatigue; need to sleep after eating; migraine; headache; Multiple Sclerosis; Irritable Bowel Syndrome; constipation; fibromialgia; premenstrual syndrome (PMS); fluid retention; food cravings leading to weight problems; stomach problems; indigestion; gas and bloating; autism; joint aches and pains; hyperactivity; attention deficit disorder; arthritis; broken sleep; restless sleep.

Food sensitivities are a symptom of other problems. They add to the health difficulties being experienced but are truly a symptom of an underlying problem.

Testing For Food Sensitivities

There are many different types of laboratory tests that can be conducted to determine if you have food sensitivities. An environmental practitioner will be able to identify these for you and recommend a laboratory that has a good track record. A good dowser or muscle tester can very easily identify if you have food sensitivities and the exact foods you are sensitive to and that are creating problems for you. I include the identification of food sensitivities for a number of foods in the Vibrational Assessment I conduct. I use your energetic signature to read you for food sensitivities using a pendulum. If you would like more information on having a Vibrational Assessment conducted, please visit my Website for more information at, or e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Pulse Test

Another method which is a simple and very effective do-it-yourself method is called the Pulse Test. There are many different variations to this test. Basically it involves the following steps.

  • Prior to beginning to pulse test for food sensitivities develop a baseline for your normal healthy pulse rate. Take your pulse rate for a full minute before conducting the test to have a baseline of your pulse rate and do this at three different times to validate your readings.

  • Take this either sitting down or lying down. Just be certain to use the same position you used in developing your baseline to conduct the Pulse Test. 

  • If possible test each food item alone rather than in something with many ingredients e.g. some white sugar rather than a donut. · This test will not be valid if you are taking drugs that affect your heart rate.

  • This test is best undertaken in the morning prior to eating anything. The test results would not be accurate if you tested yourself an hour after a meal where you consumed a substantial portion of food you are sensitive to. If testing during the day conduct the test at least 1 hour after eating food.

  • Choose a quiet and peaceful environment to conduct your test, away from stimulus from others, the radio or television.

  • Sometimes when you concentrate on your pulse too much you tend to elevate the rate. Try and stay relaxed when you conduct the test or have a friend do the test with you. Then you can read a book or do something that distracts you but keeps you quiet while they take your pulse to measure your reaction to certain foods. 

  • Re-test the same food two or three times to validate your findings. · Allow one hour between tests of different foods to ensure your system has returned to normal. Or, keep testing your pulse until the rate has returned to your normal baseline rate and then begin testing the next food once your pulse rate is back to the baseline rate.

  • Put a spoon of food you believe you might be sensitive to on your tongue, or a few drops of the food that you have emulsified in water in a blender under your tongue. Do Not swallow the food.

  • Take your pulse again while the food is in your mouth. Foods are considered sensitive if your pulse is increases by 10% or more. Borderline foods are between 7%-10% and can affect you health, and need to be avoided. Any food that produces an increase in your pulse of 10% or more in a Pulse Test is considered to be sensitive and should be eliminated from your diet until the cause of this sensitivity is eliminated. The higher the increase in pulse rate the higher the sensitivity to the food.

Why Do We Crave the Food We Are Sensitive To

When you eat a food you are sensitive to your pulse rate increases and for a short period of time you actually experience an increase in energy and experience feelings of well-being. This is important especially when you are feeling tired, fatigued and depressed. You want the food that gives you energy and you do reach for food that increases your energy. This happens at a subconscious level rather than a conscious level. The medium and long-term effect of eating a food you are sensitive to is more fatigue, more achy joints and the other symptoms you are experiencing. But the subconscious reaches for immediate relief from that fatigue.

Another cause of the craving for sensitive food that we experience is that parasites and candida feed of the foods most commonly crave. Parasites and candida feed on sugar and refined carbohydrates. When they get hungry and want to be fed you crave the food they want to eat. Many cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates are not based in emotions and emotional imbalances but are caused by infections with parasites and a candida overgrowth.

What Can I Do To Feel Better

There are a number of things that are necessary to stop the merry-go-round. The following elements are integrated and need to be incorporated into a lifestyle for continuous and ongoing vibrant health. Many people have been helped enormously from following a Choming Essence Program that includes a program of Vibrational Healing with Choming Essences. There are many elements to this Program and the following are jus a few highlights of this Choming Essence Program.

1) A Choming Essence Program

Choming Essences are made from flowers, trees, grasses, gems, crystals, and elements of the sea. Choming Essences are made quite differently from other essences and can effect healing for many different types of health problems. Choming Essences are healing with vibration. They continually shift and increase the rate and type of vibration in your physical and energetic bodies.

A Program with Choming Essences involves getting a Vibrational Assessment to identify the following: vibrations of parasites, worms, viruses and infectious bacteria; the vibrations of Candida overgrowth, and other types of fungus including cellular fungus; the presence of vibrations of metal and chemical poisons and atomic poisons; the presence of spirits, entities, negative rays and connections, underground water, and other external energetic factors that are affecting your health; the rate of blockages in your auras and chakras; the identification of 65 different emotions and emotional factors affecting your health; vitamin and mineral deficiencies; and the vibration of food sensitivities.

Choming Essences can help eliminate all parasites, candida and fungus as well as their spores and roots. They also help with deep healing in the emotional, mental/ intellectual and spiritual areas. They can often heal what no human power can touch or help. People who have used Choming Essences say things such as " they touched my soul". Confusion leaves and thinking becomes more clear and focused. Your memory often improves. Negative thinking patterns begin to shift into positive thinking patterns. People begin to feel some of the emotions they buried so deep they no longer understood they had them or knew how to bring them up. You learn how to keep your auras and chakras clear of negative energies. Choming Essences can help you shift into a new and more meaningful consciousness.

2) A New Way of Eating and Drinking

 People with digestive food sensitivities need to develop a new way of eating. The following list can appear overwhelming and most people introduce many of these elements gradually over a period of time:

  • the incremental elimination of sensitive foods from your diet (usually wheat, sugar and yeast foods immediately);

  • the replacement of foods with organically grown foods wherever possible; · changing your drinking water to water that is filtered and energized;

  • eating food during each meal within groups that are compatible with each other - called Food Combining;

  • taking food supplements where needed, vitamins, chelated or citrate minerals, soy based or rice based protein powder drinks;

  • using herbal tinctures in support of inner physical healing.

3) Using Herbs To Support Inner Healing

 One of the best supports for inner physical healing while taking Choming Essences is herbs. I make a number of herbal tinctures from organic fresh herbs to support the healing of damaged organs and systems in the body. Tinctures made from fresh herbs contain the healing power of the different herbs. Unfortunately, most of the tinctures available today in stores are made from dry herbs rather than fresh herbs. The second best option is to make yourself a herbal tea from dried herbal leaves or roots. Herbs are a powerful support to Choming Essences and vibrational healing.

4) Working With Your Inner Emotions

 Many of us go through life without having the opportunity or taking the time to learn about our inner emotional and mental lives. In North America and Europe we approach most issues intellectually and tend to avoid looking at how we feel about things.  Often we are very uncomfortable or frightened of our emotions. Emotions can and do cause illness if repressed for long periods of time.  We need to identify the emotions stuck within us and learn to release these emotions.  It takes an enormous amount of our energy to keep emotions repressed within and makes us feel tired and fatigued if we repress emotions for long periods of time. We need to learn how to "feel" our life experiences rather than just think about them or talk about them. Thinking and talking is not "feeling" our emotional reactions to life experiences.

I recommend two books that can provide you with guidance on how to begin looking thoughtfully at your emotional lives. The first is called "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz and the second is "Mind Mastery Meditations: A Workbook for the Infinite Mind" by Valerie V. Hunt.

5) Developing Spiritual Practices

A spiritual practice is something that we do to help us connect with a Universal Power, whatever it is you choose to call it - God, Buddha, Allah, or whatever. A spiritual practice is something we do regularly to connect us with this Universal Power. This connection is essential to vibrant long-term health.

I often suggest that people begin experimenting with different spiritual practices to find something that gives them a clear and personal connection with that Universal Power. There are so many ways of doing this including meditation, prayer, joining a prayer group or a meditation group, creating an altar in your home and having your own ceremony and worship at your altar. It can include religious practices not necessarily connected with a formal religion. Please read the article titled " Creating Your Altar and Worshipping at Your Altar" on my Website at for more detailed suggestions. Some develop this connection through hiking and connecting with the spirit world of nature. There are so many different ways to develop this connection and you need to find a manner that suits you and your needs. The only essential element is that you find a way of connecting with that almighty Power of the Universe and that you feel the deep love and caring of this Power deep within you.

6) Looking After Your Auras and Chakras

 We need to look after our auras and chakras with as much care as we look after our physical bodies. Negative energies can flip into your aura and move into your chakras from those around you. This causes blockages in your auras and reduces the flow of energy. A reduced flow of energy means that you are less energetic.

You can cleanse your aura in several ways.  You can smudge yourself with white sage. You can smudge yourself with incense, but only very pure incense. I find that the incense made by Tibetans living in Nepal to be very pure and very cleansing. However, it does not cleanse as well as the white sage.

I make a concentrate from the Black Obsidian stone to mix with water and then to use as a spray. This is a very powerful cleanser and more powerful than either white sage or incense. It will cleanse your aura of negative energies, entities, and spirits.  By the way, it's also a powerful cleanser for your home, car, pets, friends, whatever you believe needs cleansing.

For a more extensive look at negative energies please visit my website at and read an article titled "Psychic Attacks and Protecting Yourself".

Can You Eventually Eat the Foods that Are Sensitive For You

My experience with a number of clients has shown me that the sensitivity to foods you were unable to eat before without getting quite ill can diminish substantially but normally doesn't disappear completely. Those who eliminate a Candida overgrowth can eventually eat some sugar, fresh fruit or wheat and yeast based products. However, they cannot eat these foods daily. I have found that these foods can be eaten ever second or third or fourth day without affecting your overall energy level but they cannot be eaten more frequently than that. More frequent eating of these foods can create reduced levels of energy.

The Type of Changes You Can Expect To Experience

A Story: One of my clients told me how she would always get so ill after eating what you would describe as a " normal" meal. This normal meal would consist of pasta, rolls and butter, dessert and coffee. She would spend two days in bed after eating this type of a meal she would be so fatigued and exhausted. One year after making many changes in her overall lifestyle and completing a Choming Essence Program, she was able to go out for dinner, have a meal with pasta, rolls and butter and dessert, and enjoy every mouthful without even a tiny bit of indigestion. Now that is real success.

Another Story: Another client had a candida problem for over 30 years. The Choming Essence Program eliminated the candida as well as the roots of this fungus. One year after the clearing was complete this client called to tell me the following story. While eliminating the candida this lady was scrupulous in eliminating all sugar and sugar based foods from her diet. However, after she was cleared she would have something sweet occasionally. Then Halloween came and about a week before Halloween day the lady went and stocked up on many candies and chocolate bars for the children who would knock on her door. Well she ate all these treats in a couple of days and had to go and buy a second batch. She then needed to buy a third batch and was grateful when Halloween finally arrived. She did not experience any fatigue or tiredness from this ongoing candy party.  Prior to eliminating her candida she would have been very ill from a sugar party.

In the meantime her daughter watched her mother enjoying this sugar binge and was amazed that she did not get ill. She could remember when one dessert sent her mother to her bed with serious symptoms. This same daughter also tried the Halloween candy became quite ill since she was still full of candida. I don't advocate eating lots of sugar regularly. But we all like to enjoy a sweet treat occasionally without getting ill.


If you have food sensitivities or exhibit the symptoms of food sensitivity please consult with a health practitioner who is experienced in dealing with this problem. For additional information regarding a Choming Essence Program please contact me. I would be happy to discuss this with you. I work with people around the world. Many have learned to experience new and vital energy, a major change from fatigue and low energy. It's all about living life to the fullest with vibrant health.

Disclaimer: The ideas and suggestions identified here are not intended in any way as a substitute for qualified medical advice. Consult a qualified medical practitioner in person for your health problems.

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