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What is Energy and Energy Healing

Everything in the Universe is energy.   Every person, every thought, every emotion, every tree, every gem or crystal, is energy.  The air we breathe, the earth we walk on, are alive and intelligent.  The energy fields and systems of everything are alive and intelligent.  Many things can be changed with energy healing. 

The auras, chakras and energy systems of anyone or anything can become blocked, distorted, clogged up, and torn. Magnetic connections in auras, chakras and energy systems, such as the meridian system can become broken and damaged.

Energy fields and systems can be cleansed, balanced, normalized and healed. Energy healing is a process to cleanse, balance, normalize and heal. 

 Energy self-healing is a process of directing your thoughts, attention and energy towards any issue that is affecting you.  It can affect your energetic, physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual well-being.

Setting Your Intention

No matter what form your self-healing takes, intention is at the root of your self-healing. Your intention is unbelievably powerful, and equally important to any specific energy healing technique that you decide to use. Setting an intention to self-heal is essential to support your own healing. 

To set your intention you must be quiet, mindful, relaxed, and deeply focused.  You must also remain unattached to the outcome of your self-healing exercise, it’s important to focus on the moment, your energy and the healing issue rather than the result you wish to obtain.

Being fully present with the issue, pain, emotion or whatever it is that you want to heal is essential for successful self-healing.  When experiencing physical or emotional pain we tend to ignore it, run away from the feeling, because of the discomfort it causes us.  You must be fully-present when doing self-healing.

The following are techniques in energy healing that you can use to self-heal.


1.  Grounding or Aligning Your Auras and Physical Bodies

Do you feel spaced out, fuzzy in your thinking and feeling? Then you are probably ungrounded. When you feel emotions that you find difficult, you shift your energy body/ aura so that it moves slightly away from your physical body.  This stops you from feeling whatever is making you uncomfortable and is called being ungrounded.   

To realign your physical and energy bodies do the following.  Sit down comfortably with both feet planted on the floor, and if possible, right on the earth. Imagine a thin silver cord that runs from the center of your being or from each of your ankles, way down to the center of the earth, right into the middle of Mother Earth. Hold this visualization until you feel deeply connected with Mother Earth. Grounding is a specific energy technique which needs to be done before other types of energy healing can take place.


2.  Blocking Out Negative Thought Forms

This technique works particularly well when others are angry with you and are sending you angry or vengeful thought forms. A person can be very angry, cursing you and wishing you harm. They probably do not realize that they are sending you negative energy thought forms that lodge in your body or aura. You may hear their voice in your mind, see a blurry vision of them speaking to you in anger, or just be feeling very uncomfortable. Do you remember the many times when you had angry conversations with someone who was not present? You may have thought you were talking to yourself but in reality, you were sending out angry thought forms when you did this.

The following is a visualization I have used many times that has worked well when used properly. Visualize that you are where you are and this other person is about 100 yards away from you. Then visualize a Plexiglas wall that drops between the two of you. This glass wall is about six inches thick and is such that anything loving can penetrate this wall easily, while negative images or thoughts cannot penetrate this wall.  Hold the image of this wall and I guarantee you that the angry voices and images will disappear almost immediately. This will give you real protection from angry thought forms so they cannot penetrate or lodge in your body or aura.

3.  Closing Holes in Your Auras and Extended Energy Field

There are hundreds of causes that create holes in your auras and extended energy field.  These can range from angry emotions, drug/ alcohol abuse, being present with those smoking any type of drug, environmental pollution, and an form of physical or emotional violence.  When you have holes in your auras you feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, irritable, restless, unsafe, and sometime depressed.

To close the holes in your auras make sure you are fully grounded.  Then set your intent to close all holes in your auras and extended energy field.  Then close your eyes and project an image of yourself to stand in front of you.  The take your hands and gently run your hands from the top of your aura around down to the bottom of it -  roughly an egg shape around your body. 

Do this a number of times to ensure that you have closed all the holes in your auras and extended energy field.  You will become quiet and feel safe once you have completed this exercise.

4.  Running Energy into Your Auras, Chakras or Physical Body

It’s important to note that you receive energy into your auras through your left hand and release or send energy out of your auras through your right hand. 

First get very grounded and relaxed.  This exercise will only work if you are relaxed and have set a deep intent for self-healing. Then identify what you want healing energy for, be it physical or your auras or chakras

Go for a walk and find a beautiful old tree.  Stand close to the tree and ask it to give you some of its natural energy.  Open your left hand to receive this energy and remain this way for a good five minutes.  While doing this be sure that your right is closed so that you retain whatever energy is flowing into you.

You can direct this energy into a specific place in your body or generally into your auras or chakras.

Or you can hold a special gem or crystal whose healing power you want and do the same exercise, asking the gemstone for its energy to flow into you.  Be sure to hold it in your left hand and close your right hand.

5.  The Five Tibetan Rites – Self-Healing for the Main Chakras

The Five Tibetan Rites are a group of 5 exercises which were developed many years ago to stimulate the five main chakras.  Stimulating these main chakras stimulates healing in your physical body and energy auras and extended energy field. This boosts your energy.  There are many articles on the Internet about the Five Tibetan Rites.  They are a powerful source of healing.

6.  Surrounding Yourself in White Light

White light is the light of love and using this practice can help with minor healing needs. You can surround yourself with white light and feel the presence of Loving Energies. Ask these loving Energies ( some call them angels or spirits) to give you the healing that you need.  This is a good practice to connect with the Universal Healing Energies but not very powerful in the healing aspect.  However, it often brings a sense of comfort and peace.


7.  Prayer and Connecting with Other Loving Spirits

Prayer is powerful and can help immensely in drawing positive healing energy into your physical and energy bodies.  when dealing with negative energy and spirit attacks. Positive prayer in love strengthens individuals to deal with their issues. Ask others to pray for you also as you go through any difficult experience. Group prayer is very powerful. There are special convents and monasteries with sisters and monks who do nothing but pray each day. Call them and ask them to pray for you as a special intention. Believe me, prayer works and needs to be part of the healing process.

For those who believe in the spirit world, ask those who are in other dimensions to guide you and help you through this experience of prayer. They are there and just need to be asked. Ask the highest of spirits and guardian angels to help you as part of this healing process for you.

Ordering an Energy Healing or a Negative Energy Clearing for Psychic Attacks:

If you believe that you need an energy clearing from me or that you are under psychic attack and need help in clearing the psychic attacks, negative and dark energies, please contact me.  I always include an energy healing once the clearing is completed since psychic attacks can cause a lot of damage to your energy field and systems.  I do Negative Energy Clearings and Healings for individuals, homes, vehicles etc. My prices can be viewed under Ordering Information on this website.

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